Profiling And Rating Presidential Candidates/Voters (Yourself)

John Johnson

“All Humans Are Fallible.All Presidents Are Human.Therefore, All Presidents are Fallible And Must Be Held Accountable. To Do Nothing, Erodes The Rule Of Law.” – John Johnson II 05/29/23

 By John Johnson II

America declared its independence on July 4,  1776. At the conclusion of the American Revolutionary War,  George Washington was elected as its first president. Subsequently, forty-six  white men, with the exception of  one Black man, Barack Obama, who served two terms, have served as president.  The U.S. Constitution only stipulates the following three formal qualification for anyone seeking to run for the most powerful and demanding position in the world: 1) the individual must be a naturalized born American citizen, 2) must be at least thirty-five years old, and 3) must have been a resident of the United States for at least fourteen years.

Amazingly, anyone desirous of running for president merely holds a press conference, announces his or her candidacy for president and  their party affiliation. They don’t even supply a resume or provide a copy of their birth certificate or driver’s license. Why is this behavior accepted? Is it  because the job is so unattractive or is it because so little respect is held for the intellect of voters?

Before Artificial Intelligence (AI) takes the place of candidates as well as voters, it’s important to equip voters with a means of profiling and rating presidential candidates.  This task can be done by  using  informal presidential performance profile data and  past presidential leadership behaviors. This will facilitate  construction of  favorable and unfavorable profiling and rating formats.  Also, a rating mechanism is needed so that voters can record their expected level of performance for a presidential candidate.

Listed below are the following characteristics and  jobs/roles a president must perform Survey 1).  Using a rating scale of 1 (lowest) through 10 (Highest) affix your personal rating for the presidential candidate you’ve chosen. After completing your rating, add the ratings. This total score is your expected job performance for your chosen presidential candidate. Is any candidate receiving a total score less than 50% worthy of your vote?


Presidential  Favorable characteristics

(Ratings 1 thru 10 for each characteristics- Survey 1)

  1. Executive Leadership Skills ( )
  2. Integrity/Respects Rule of Law ( )
  3. Moral Compass ( )
  4. Honors Oath to U. S. Constitution ( )
  5. Crisis Manager ( )
  6. Economic/Fiscal Manager (   )
  7. Honors Peaceful Power Transfer (   )
  8. Defends Against Domestic and (   )

Foreign Terrorists

  1. Works With Congress (   )
  2. Represents All People ( )


TOTAL SCORE…………………………………………[         ]


Listed below are examples of  past  unfavorable presidential profile characteristics (Survey 2). Use the same rating scale  and tabulation method used previously in Survey 1. The total score is your  unfavourability rating for the presidential candidate you’ve chosen. Is any candidate receiving a score of 50% and higher worthy of your  vote?


Presidential Candidate’s Unfavorable Characteristics ( Ratings 1 thru 10 Survey – 2)

  1. Serial Liar ( )
  2. Philanderer/philanderess ( )
  3. Disparages wo/men (    )
  4. Disregards Transparency ( )
  5. Penchant for criminality ( )
  6. Disregards Constitutional Oath ( )
  7. Rejects election outcomes ( )
  8. Contempt for Rule of Law ( )
  9. Uses power to punish dissenters ( )

10.Doesn’t treat people equally       (    )

TOTAL SCORE…………………………………..    [       ]


Voters by casting ballots play a huge role in electing the  president, followed by the Electoral College. The following   voters’  profiling and rating format should help them evaluate what influences their voting (Survey 3). The total score is your own objectivity towards voting for a presidential candidate. Is any voter receiving a total score of less than 50% a conscientious objective voter and supporter of democracy?


Voters’ Profiling and Rating  characteristics (Ratings 1 thru 10 for each characteristics – Survey- 3).


  1. Distinguishes facts from misinformation ( )
  2. Votes strictly along party lines ( )
  3. Gets news/information from social media ( )
  4. Religion influences political beliefs ( )
  5. Capable of objectively evaluating a presidential ( )


  1. Supports Rule of Law ( )
  2. Has Integrity ( )
  3. Supports presidential election outcomes (   )
  4. Supports holding elected officials accountable ( )
  5. All people treated equally ( )

TOTAL SCORE …………………………………………………  [           ]

This is  merely  my attempt to provide voters  with a simple tool for profiling and rating presidential candidates as well as themselves in preparation for the PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS of 2024. This election could very well decide the survival of our Nation as a REPUBLIC!



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