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 By John Johnson II

Introduction of the oral birth control pill in 1950   ignited America’s sexual revolution. However, the full impact of the “pill” later occurred in the 1960’s. An overwhelming social and cultural revolution drastically changed individuals’ attitudes and morality towards sex. This liberalized attitude towards sex and morality also ushered in a breed of sexual ‘promiscuous predators and promiscuous partners.

Combining the definitions provided by Webster Collegiate Dictionary for promiscuous and predator describes one who engages in multiple sexual relationships and preys on others. Understandably, both men and women can be promiscuous as well as predators.

This article characterized men as promiscuous predators and women as promiscuous prey or partners. Also, there’s no attempt to discuss the morality or lack thereof for this kind of behavior. However, it is an attempt to shed light on the consequences of men’s promiscuous predatory behavior and women’s promiscuous behavior as partners or prey.

Hopefully, we   can agree that men who prey on multiple women for sexual pleasures without taking steps to avoid impregnating them and is not committed to providing financial and parental support if a pregnancy occurs, is a promiscuous predator.  Or would you rather label him as a philanderer?

On the other hand, if women behave as promiscuous partners without taking steps to avoid unintended pregnancies, have they not allowed themselves to become prey of promiscuous predators? Do women who behave promiscuously bare a greater responsibility to avoid unintended pregnancies?

Unfortunately, because of the recent overturn of Roe v. Wade, and Republicans attempting to pass federal legislations banning abortions, women share a greater responsibility for avoiding unintended or unwanted pregnancies. Certainly, they too shouldn’t behave as promiscuous partners/prey if they’ve not used any form of birth control. Or simply, promiscuity should be avoided if they’re not ready or desirous to become mothers.

Because of the tremendous challenges faced raising a child, it’s the responsibility of both promiscuous male and female to use the birth control contraception of their choice to avoid an unintended pregnancy. Even during a  heated romantic interlude, it is  far more important to exercise  prudence rather than behaving like irresponsible promiscuous predators and partners.

Is it not disingenuous to  make Erectile Disfunction (ED) medication readily available for men, especially those who behave as promiscuous predators? If this  is true, why do Republicans work tirelessly  to ban contraceptives for women? Is it their  intentions to take control of women’s  uterus along with their reproductive rights; thus,  exposing

them to increase unintended pregnancies?

But regardless of how an unintended pregnancy occurred, whether it’s due to promiscuous behavior, rape or incest, protection of women’s reproductive rights should never face termination.  Neither the Supreme Court nor any state law should be able to deny women’s inalienable rights or usurp their reproductive rights. Women own their reproductive rights, and they are not chattel.

The actions of today’s Republican legislators continue to reflect the unjustly and hollow words former president Jefferson uttered, “All men (white) are created equal…!” To this very day, women are an afterthought when it comes to equal pay, positions within the Republican Party, chairpersons of corporate Boards, and having control of their reproductive rights.

America’s government dominated by men at the federal and state levels, has always threaded on women’s rights and exploited their sexuality for their personal pleasures. The infidelity and promiscuity of former presidents serves as a testament to this statement! THE PROCREATION RIGHTS OF MEN HAVE NEVER BEEN CHALLENGED!

Republicans are salivating anticipating  Texas federal judge Matthew Kacsmaryk  detonation of women’s rights to the abortion pill. Will they next attempt to pass a form of Sharia Law mandating Chasity belts for women?

Promiscuity, though risky behavior, isn’t a crime. Yet, neither men nor women should behave as promiscuous predators and promiscuous partners respectively, without taking steps to avoid unintended pregnancies.



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