Q & A What does Reverend Deal say?

Rev.-David-Deal2Q & A What does Reverend Deal say?

The names of God

      Question: Why are there many names of God? And what are the names?

Answer: Names do mean something. Names correspond directly to the one designated by the name. For example, the name Kenneth comes from the Greek word “to know”. So a person named Kenneth is supposed to be knowledgeable.  And the Hebrew meaning for my name, David, is “beloved”.  This is true of God. The Bible refers to God by many different names, and each name reveals some aspect of God’s character or his relationship with us.

1) Yahweh/Jehovah – is the Lord

2) Jehova-Elohim – The Lord is God

3) Jehovah-Elyon – The Lord God most high

4) El-Shaddai – The Almighty God

5) Jehovah– Jireh – The Lord will provide

6) Jehovah–Repheka – The Lord is our healer

7) Jehovah Sabaoth – The Lord of Host

8) Jehovah–Nissi – The Lord is my Banner

9) Jehovah–Shalom – The Lord is peace

10) Jehovah-Shammad – The Lord is There

11) El Olam- The Everlasting God

12) Jehovah-Rash – The Lord is my Shepard, I shall not want

13) Jehovah-Taidqenu – The Lord is our Righteousness

Reverend David Deal is the pastor at Every Christian’s Church in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

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