Republican Senator Secessionists

John Johnson II

By John Johnson

      The Republican party has abandoned its oath to the Constitution and therefore, should officially be recognized as the Republican Secessionist Party. Historically, we know that the White south seceded from the Union because they wanted to preserve as well as continue to spread slavery through the south. Their actions resulted in the Civil War, America’s bloodiest, being waged from 1861-1865.

Sadly, history has repeated itself. Republican Senators, rather than honor their oath to the Constitution, refused to convict and remove Trump from office after he was impeached by the House of Representatives on December 18, 2019. The House clearly proved that Trump had abused his powers and obstructed Congress. Senator Collins stated that she refused to vote to convict Trump because the impeachment should’ve taught him a lesson.

Remember, Representative Adam Schiff, at the closing of Trump’s impeachment, stated emphatically that, “If the Senate fails to convict and remove Trump from office, he’ll surely continue to commit such offenses repeatedly.” America now knows that Trump didn’t learn his lesson; he was only emboldened.

The urgent question before us is, “Did Republican Senators and members of the House really learned anything, especially the meaning of their oath to the Constitution?” How can the Constitution represent the cornerstone of this democracy, if its laws are grossly subjugated primarily by the Republican men and women elected as representatives of this government?

It is a known fact that the strength of our democracy is held together symbolically by an unbreakable chain only if the “rule of law,” reigns Supreme. In other words, no one is above the law, which includes the president. Obama would’ve never been given this latitude. He faced a wall of obstruction from the outset from Senator McConnell.

Yes, we’re nearing the end of Trump’s presidency, come, January 20, 202. However, the tasks of rebuilding America will be challenging. Decidedly, they must be met with the same kind determination that must be summoned to conquer, if necessary, our most dangerous enemies. Regrettably, our most dangerous enemies of democracy are Republican Senator Secessionists, white supremacists, radical evangelic groups, and 70 million right wing voters who voted for a demagogue. Why are elections considered free of fraud by millions of Republicans only when their party win? This doesn’t pass the smell test!

President Thomas Jefferson is remembered for many memorable quotes. But probably, his most memorable quote was regarding the importance of education to a democracy. It’s recorded as follows in the Thomas Jefferson Encyclopedia:

“If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be. If we are to guard against ignorance and remain free, it is the responsibility of every American to be informed.”

Republican Senator Secessionists must not be allowed to continually shield Trump from being held accountable for his crimes of sedition and treachery. Further, if democrats are too timid or reluctant to defend the constitution, then all of those who voted for Joe Biden, President Elect, and Kamala Harris, Vice President Elect, merely wasted their votes. Hiring the best and brightest accounts for nothing if they’re shackled and not allowed to defend the Constitution on the premise that the Nation must be allowed to heal first. Justice delayed is merely justice denied; thus, allowing a continued weakening of our democracy.

This Nation’s racism, bigotry, police brutality, etc. are even more repulsive than pus exuding from sores on a sick patient. Indigenous, Black, and Brown people continue to suffer unjust cruelties at the hands of this present government, which is led by Trump and the Republican Senator Secessionists.

Joe Biden must be prepared and willing to act far bolder for the good of this Nation than Trump’s lawless attempts to destroy rather than to strengthen our democracy. The American people will not accept failure as an option.

Let’s just all pause and think for a moment. We already know all that is necessary to bend the arch of righteousness, justice, and fairness, etc. towards a more perfect Union. The problem right now is, “DO WE AS A NATION, HAVE THE WILL AND COURAGE TO DO IT?


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