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Republicans bash President Obama and themselves in the second debate

Roger Caldwell

Roger Caldwell

Republicans bash President Obama and themselves in the second debate

Roger Caldwell

      The second Republican debate was a three hour endurance test and marathon. There were eleven candidates on the stage, and it was a circus. The moderators tried to pit each candidate against each other, and no one trusted anything they said they would do, when they become president. Everyone on the stage is being controlled by their Super-PAC, except Donald Trump, and he happens to be the front runner.

Many believe that Donald Trump is controlled by the Mafia, but he is definitely not a traditional politician. When he calls his colleagues stupid and dumb, many wonder if his finger is pointing back at him.

These debates have nothing to do with minorities, the poor, prison reform, seniors, education, health reform, racial justice, income inequality, and everyday Americans. This was political entertainment at its best, and everyone was there to have a good time, and tell television land how smart they were in their last job, appointment or office.

It doesn’t matter if they were fired as CEO of a major corporation, governor of a state, or their company went bankrupted four times. The all have billionaire supporters, who they are really working for. Some may be backed by criminals, but they all have enough money to spend millions each month. Elections in America are corrupt, and everyone knows that politicians will say almost anything to get elected.

Everyone involved in the production are concerned about ratings, and the debates are about making money and getting paid. When you run for the office of president, you are in the big leagues, and people are writing big checks, because everyone is jockeying for a major position in the Republican Party. These political conglomerates eventually will put themselves in position for multi-million dollar contracts.

The rich keep getting richer, and most of the Republicans running for president, are focused on improving their bank accounts. At this point, the Republican candidates must prove that they are more conservative than their colleagues by cutting taxes and cutting the size of governments. They also want to increase the size of the military, which makes no sense; because it appears that they are contemplating on starting a world war.

There was a broad range of subjects they talked about, but the starting point is President Obama is a weak commander-in chief, and everything he has done was wrong for America. As each candidate took turns bashing the president’s policies, they forget the shape the country was in when Bush left office. At the debate Jeb Bush tried to defend his brother, but Trump told the truth, when he said President Bush left America in a mess.

The candidates knew from the very beginning that this political show was a joke, and everyone was there to beat up the person next to them. It is time for the foolishness to end, because political debates should not be a comedy show, because the problems in the world are serious.

President Obama has taken a country that was on the brink of a depression to an economy and stock market that is thriving. There is now a federal health care system in place where over 16 million Americans have health insurance.

As the Republicans play games and talk about starting a world war, President Obama has ended two wars and working to bring peace to a violent world. Instead of talking about stopping gun violence and police killings of young Black men, the Republicans are talking about building a fence around America.

The second debate proved that the Republicans have lost their moral compass and a sense of reality. They no longer are playing with a full deck, and their thinking and policies are dangerous for America and the world.

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