Rick Scott claims this Florida Legislative session was compassionate

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Roger Caldwell
Roger Caldwell

Rick Scott claims this Florida Legislative session was compassionate

By Roger Caldwell

In November there will be another vote for governor, and at this point Rick Scott is losing in the polls. Every poll is different. Some say the governor is losing by four points and others by double digits, but our governor knows he has his work cut out for him. Scott knows that he is going to lose big time with the African American vote, so he will have to concentrate on getting the Hispanic vote.

In February 2014, Scott appointed Carlos Lopez-Cantera as the first Hispanic, Lieutenant Governor. Scott is hoping that his appointment will help him with the Latino vote in Florida, and it gives him the ability to communicate his message in Spanish. Our governor is well aware that many of his earlier decisions in office showed a total disrespect for the Hispanic community, and illegal immigrants.

The Latino community has not forgotten when Scott had the opportunity to pass a law to help children of illegal-immigrants get their driver’s license, he vetoed the bill. So in 2013, when Scott got on stage in Orlando to talk about the new soccer stadium, he was booed off the stage. Anytime a governor is booed off the stage, it is obvious that many of the residents don’t like his policies.

In    a Quinnipiac University poll last week Crist is leading Scott in the campaign by a margin of 48 to 38. Crist has not even won the Democratic nomination for the election, but Floridians are showing that Scott is not well liked, and the residents want a change.

Nevertheless, Scott held his campaign kickoff last week in an auto dealership, and he has changed many of his talking points from 2010. Starting with Weatherford, the outgoing state House speaker said at the kickoff, “2014 was a historic year, because the governor and the Legislature showed compassion.”

I am assuming that the speaker is talking about a new law allowing in-state college tuition for children of illegal immigrants. I guess in an election year the Republicans are finding out they have a soul, and they will need the Latino vote.

When Scott first won the election as governor, he was cold and callous, and he said he was not trying to win friends, and he was the most disliked governor in the country. Now in 2014, the new Lieutenant governor is saying Scott is a great family man with “a good heart.”

As the race for the governor heats up, the Republicans, and our governor will spend over $120 million telling Floridians that he cares, and he is a good man. Even though our governor refused to take a $51 billion gift from the federal government that would have helped 1.2 Floridians get healthcare, he will start telling lies. As Scott starts to spend his war chest for the campaign, his lies will soon sound like the truth.

My only advice for Floridians is not to believe anything that our governor says. Even when our governor has facts and records my advice is to remember that you are listening to a crook. From the very beginning when Scott won the election, he never cared about the residents, and there is no reason for a crook to stop stealing, when he has a budget of $77.1 billion to steal.





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