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Sand vs Dirt

By Don Valentine

Let me elucidate that Florida Gubernatorial candidate Tallahassee Andrew Gillum has no Federal or State charges of any kind pending.

A quick summary: candidate Gillum received tickets to the play “Hamilton” via his brother from an old college friend. The friend was working as a lobbyist / undercover operative for the F.B.I.  In addition, there was a separate discounted vacation to Costa Rica arranged via the same friend. This resulted in Mayor Gillum commenting and voting favorably on a local land project.

In legal terms what took place is called “Quid Pro Quo”- “Favor for a Favor”.   In colloquial terms it is known as the “Hook Up”.

Unless you’re an ingenue or neophyte, you know this type of compromise happens at some level in your life and throughout man’s history.  Recall the “Barter System”. The Eagles lead singer, Glenn Frey, put it best in his song “Smuggler’s Blues”: “it happens every day from the office of the President right down to me and you”.

Now imagine how much “Dirt” would be found on President Trump’s administration with just a minimum of digging, compared to looking for sand on Gillium. Just look at the nepotism angle of having your Son in law and Daughter employed as “Senior White House Advisors”.

President Trump, please don’t be the only President in modern history not to release his taxes. There was no dirt for Presidents Eisenhower, J.F.K., Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, G.H.W. Bush, Clinton, G.W. Bush or Obama.


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