‘Several Devastating Injuries’: Autopsy Shows Jayland Walker Sustained 46 Gunshot Wounds, Chief Medical Examiner Clears Up Initial Reports of 60 Wounds

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By Nicole Duncan-Smith

An official autopsy for an Ohio man shot by Akron officers reveals he was shot fewer times than originally suspected. Still, the medical examiner reported the deceased, whose death prompted weeks of protest, was fatally struck by police fire almost 50 times.

The Summit County Medical Examiner’s Office released Jayland Walker’s autopsy report on Friday, July 15. Walker, a Black man who was killed on June 27 after being pulled over during a traffic stop, was unarmed when eight members of the Akron Police Department opened fire on him as he ran away from them, as reported by ABC News.

At a morning press conference, chief medical examiner Dr. Lisa Kohler, explained why earlier reports stated the 25-year-old was struck 60 times throughout his body.

Kohler stated Walker sustained “several very devastating injuries that would cause death.

“The autopsy determined that Jayland had 46 gunshot wound entrances or graze injuries,” she said.

“The photographic record shows more than 46 labeled wounds because there are exit wounds, bullets beneath the skin, and abrasions that were numbered for the purpose of identifying specific injuries,” she continued to share.

The office said there were 15 exit wounds. She also explained why the autopsy count of wounds is not the same as the number of times he was shot, nor could she share which bullet ultimately took his life. She did say twenty-six bullets were recovered from Walker’s body during the examination.

“We are not able to say which bullet killed him. He had several devastating injuries that could cause death,” said the top examiner.

A preliminary report included pictures of his wounded body and what were widely reported as 60 gunshot wounds from APD officers’ weapons.

The chief noted that Walker had five wounds in his back that could have come from when he was running away or when he turned when he was being shot, WTAE reports.

Kohler said her office’s examination revealed how extensive Walker’s injuries are, puncturing organs and wounding body parts. His face, heart, both lungs, liver, spleen, left kidney, intestines, pelvis, iliac artery and several bones in his legs all were hit.

A toxicology report noted there were no signs of drug use or alcohol consumption in his body at the time of the shooting and after reviewing all of their findings, Kohler’s officer ruled Walker’s death a homicide.

In a statement regarding the report, Walker’s family, who buried their loved one earlier in the week, said to their legal team they are “devastated.”

“The family is devastated by the findings of the report and still await a public apology from the police department,” the remark read.

Police say patrollers attempted to pull the man over for a traffic violation and equipment violation with Walker’s car.

Reports say he refused to stop for the officers, which prompted a car chase.

Officers maintain Walker shot at them, pointing to a flash of light as evidence to them believing they were in danger and announced it on the police radio.

Akron Police Chief Stephon Mylett said this “flash” turned the “routine traffic stop” into a “public safety issue.

Eventually, Walker slows his vehicle down and jumps out the passenger door, and runs. Seconds after he did, the responding officers started shooting.

Police bodycam video shows within moments officers fired a reported 80 bullets at the man. One officer first tried to use his stun gun before shooting in an effort to stop Walker from running but was unsuccessful.

Walker was unarmed when he was shot, but police were able to retrieve a weapon from inside his car.

The NAACP, the historic national civil rights group, has asked the U.S. Department of Justice to investigate the shooting, with the organization’s national president, Derrick Johnson, calling Walker’s death an “assassination.”

“We are urging you and your Department of Justice to conduct a thorough investigation into the murder of Jayland Walker,” Johnson said. “If what we all saw with our own eyes is true – federally charge the officers responsible for his gruesome assassination.”

Currently, the Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation is leading the investigation of the death. The United Nations has offered its resources to help unpack the shooting.

Officers who were involved in the incident, who remain unidentified, were placed on paid leave.

Akron Police Chief Steve Mylett recently confirmed that their colleagues currently on active duty on the force have all been told to not wear their name tags after members of the force have been threatened following Walker’s death.

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