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Shoe Burners – New School Racists

Kevin Palmer

By Kevin Palmer

A article titled, Why does the Ku Klux Klan burn crosses? stated, on a chilly Thanksgiving night in 1915, on the summit of Stone Mountain in Georgia, 15 white men led by William Joseph Simmons, burned a cross. “It was the first time a burning cross had been used as a hate symbol in America.”

Now, in 2018, a burning Nike sneaker is used to symbolize white hatred for Colin Kaepernick. It appears the smoldering hatred against Blacks who take a public stand against oppression has been reignited by a Nike advertisement.

Now, the torch of racist hatred has been passed to a new generation. They prefer to burn Nike sneakers instead of a cross to dramatize their disdain for courageous Blacks who dare to publicly protest America’s mistreatment and injustice.


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