Should your child be vaccinated?

Life is a Pleasant Puzzle!

By Don Valentine & Sarah Goldman

He-Said: Sarah, here is a question for you and our “Anti-Vax” readers. Why are you against protecting your son from the most pernicious virus in our lifetime?

She-Said: Don, why would I give something to my child I know is not safe? You are supposed to  be a smart man, but you make me wonder. Don are you really a cheeseburger short of a Happy Meal?

He-Said:  No, my cognitive skills are in order. There is no longer any doubt about the efficacy of the vaccines. The Center for Disease Prevention and Control [CDC] plus the Federal Drug Administration [FDA] unanimously endorsed the vaccines. That is a difficult screening filter for a rational person to ignore.

My friend, you subscribed to the myth that the government is using the vaccine to insert microchips in the population to track us. The vaccines are in high demand across the globe. Why is the U.S. government interested in where someone is in Amsterdam or New Delhi? Oops, let me reveal if that was the goal they would use the chip in your “5-G” phone. Think about it, Google can MapQuest you from any spot on our Earth.

In an article by the University of Maryland Medical System, “There are some claims that vaccines are or will be used to microchip people so they can be tracked or controlled through 5G cell phone towers. This is not only false, but impossible.”

Sarah, “Don’t Procrastinate-Vaccinate”!  You are an adult and you can make your own choice. You are the guardian of your son’s health. Please don’t make an erroneous choice for him!

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