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Madam President Harris

  Jokes aside, she is a competent and very active Vice President. Madam Harris is heading Biden’s immigration reform. In addition she has represented the United States in Vietnam, France and Mexico. She has been a vocal advocate with her boss on endorsing the safety of vaccinations. […]


112 Year old Black WW2 Veteran Celebrates his Birthday!

     He was born in 1909 in the “Jim Crow/Clan” racist South! What would you like to ask this fine man? Consider in his life he has witnessed massive I.B.M. computers that took up a room, reduced to the size of your hand! He saw Jackie Robinson become the first Black man to play in the M.L.B. In the 80’s he witnessed the birth of the ubiquitous “Internet”. In the span of his 112 years he not only witnessed the first Black U.S. President and the first woman Vice President. Madam V.P. also was a Black! To witness all that you know that Mr. Brooks was a Blessed man. […]