No “Grinches” On Our Police Forces

Life is a Pleasant Puzzle!

By Don Valentine & Sarah Goldman

   He-Said: Sarah, I know you’re a little grumpy when it comes to racial issues, but this is a story that can even warm your “Grinch” of a heart! Our South Florida police districts have continued the trend of giving some holiday cheer for minor traffic violations. The Sun Sentinel recently reported on good deeds by local officers “Miami and Miami Gardens police have decided not to pull people over this year. Instead, they surprised them with Thanksgiving turkeys or other gifts.”

She Said: That goes to show most officers don’t fit the description of the “Black Lives Matter” movement. The police don’t get in their car with the notion to shoot you people first and ask questions later. Sorry BLM, that is not the truth.

There are some great stories I have read across the country on the generosity of officers. Did you see that article about the local Denver Police?

The Denver Post recently reported “A new partnership with police in Colorado is putting smiles on the faces of motorists who might not have the money to fix a broken part on their vehicle. Advance Auto Parts stores have gifted the Denver Police Department with 100 gift cards worth $25 each to hand out to drivers who are normally pulled over by cops and given a warning or ticket to pay a fine. Now, when officers pull over a motorist for, say, a bad headlight or a defective taillight, they’ll have the option to give a $25 gift card to help the motorist get it fixed–and get them back on the road and stay safe.”

He-Said: You’re on point there sister. That is a beautiful olive branch to the community. Too many people, not of your ilk, like Black and Brown people, view the police from a different prism. Some of the incidents are well documented, but most are under-reported. This shows good community accord. All the positive things that law enforcement does should be recognized to balance reality!

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