Congratulations Bubba Wallace

Life is a Pleasant Puzzle       

 By Don Valentine & Sarah Goldman

      He-Said: Sarah before we dive into the amazing NASCAR victory by Mr. Wallace, let’s introduce you to our new readers. My old writing cohort Nicole has moved on to a new calling.

The concept of these pieces is two friends that rarely agree on much, chatting about a topic over coffee at Starbucks.  We both graduated from Cal-Berkeley and have only a few other things in common. You’re a White staunch feminist, agnostic, and unapologetic progressive Democrat!

I’m a Black man that believes in God, advocates for all civil right reforms, and an ardent supporter against minority oppression! Yes, that would be quite the odd couple.

With that introduction out of the way, how do you think the NASCAR fans are taking Bubba’s victory? Wallace is only the 2nd Black man to win a NASCAR trophy since 1963 when Wendell Scott won in Jacksonville.

She-Said: Don, thanks for the invitation and I hope the readers don’t find my comments to be too radical. I can only speak my mind in a forthright manner! Honestly, I hope those old red-neck, racist, pro-segregation, Klan members are rolling in their graves now!

Congrats to Bubba Wallace on accomplishing something those “Maga” hat-wearing misogynists thought a Black man could not achieve.

Here is a factoid I’ll bet most of our readers don’t know, Bubba’s real name is William Darrell Wallace Jr. He had to adopt the nickname “Bubba” to hide the fact he was a Black driver. Now tell me again about how progressiveness has evolved our society?

He-Said: Here is a factoid that will keep those “Old – Heads” spinning in their grave, Michael “Basketball Legend” Jordan was the majority owner of the racing team for Mr. Wallace. Jordan partnered with NASCAR maven Denny Hamlin to fund the team.

In retirement from basketball, Jordan is becoming more outspoken about the systemic racism in our country. That is quite the change in persona since his famous quote “Republicans buy shoes as too…”

At that pinnacle of his career, “Air Jordans” were flying off the shelf. I’m not calling the man a sell-out, lord knows I don’t have the spare change to buy an NBA franchise or NASCAR racing team. Let’s give Jordan credit for being “smarter than the average bear”!

She-Said: The credit is well deserved. Who are we to question when Jordan saw the humanitarian light. There is no doubt Bubba Wallace would not be celebrated now without the assistance of a Black billionaire. Cheers to Bubba Wallace!



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