112 Year old Black WW2 Veteran Celebrates his Birthday!

Life is a Pleasant Puzzle

Don Valentine and Nicole Nutting

By Don Valentine & Nicole Nutting

      He-Said: Nicole, even your “Jaded” soul has to acknowledge this amazing Story! Mr. Lawrence Brooks has witnessed a plethora of events in his 112 years. I would love to have a conversation with this sage man.

He was born in 1909 in the “Jim Crow/Clan” racist South! What would you like to ask this fine man? Consider in his life he has witnessed massive I.B.M. computers that took up a room, reduced to the size of your hand! He saw Jackie Robinson become the first Black man to play in the M.L.B. In the 80’s he witnessed the birth of the ubiquitous “Internet”. In the span of his 112 years he not only witnessed the first Black U.S. President and the first woman Vice President. Madam V.P. also was a Black! To witness all that you know that Mr. Brooks was a Blessed man.

Nicole, what would you want to ask him?? Maybe what he thought about The Roe vs. Wade abortion case? Maybe you would ask him how he felt when we landed on the moon? Would you ask him what his view was on the spurious O.J. Simpson verdict?

She-Said: Well Don, you know how my mind works. My first question would be: how does anyone tolerate being treated as a second class citizen for 112 long years? That right there is a badge of courage!

Did Mr. Brooks rejoice at Rosa Park’s act of resistance?

Did the march across the Edmund Pettis Bridge give him hope? Were those hopes dashed with the assassination of Reverend Martin Luther King? Is he sanguine despite the re-emergence of White supremacy? Does he regret being of service to a country that resents the color of his skin? We have to give him credit for his fortitude. In his place, I  might have given up on America long before reaching the century mark!

He-Said: Wow, lady you nailed some good questions we would all like insight to. The most thought provoking comment Mr. Brooks said, when asked in the N.Y. Post interview about the advice he would give to people…


“Serve God and be nice to people,”

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