Madam President Harris

Life is a Pleasant Puzzle!

By Don Valentine & Sarah Goldman

She Said: A beautiful historic moment happened this Friday on 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Madam Vice President officially became the first woman to hold the office of President. Let’s ring a celebration bell for women all over the U.S.

Don, I’m so proud our “Founding Fathers” designed the constitution to have the structure for this to happen. Could you picture this happening in Russia, Saudi Arabia, or North Korea? Only in America can your dreams come true. Red, White, and Blue for life!

 He Said: Yes, go Team USA! Sarah, don’t get the foremost dramatic part of Madam V.P.’s ascension: she is the first Black woman to do it. Nothing dramatic happened during her 85 minutes in office as she covered the President who was under anesthia. It would have been cool if she had asked Congress to pass a bill for Slave reparations. I wonder how West Virgina Senator Joe Manchin would have reacted?

Just for laughs and ratings CNN should have interviewed former candidate Hilary Clinton on her thoughts. It probably went like this “Congratulation to that unqualified “B****”! Hell, I was a Senator and the First lady. That tramp was sitting in the seat I should have held! The rest of her comments probably would not be fit for print, particularly the ones off mic.

Jokes aside, she is a competent and very active Vice President. Madam Harris is heading Biden’s immigration reform. In addition she has represented the United States in Vietnam, France and Mexico. She has been a vocal advocate with her boss on endorsing the safety of vaccinations.

She-Said: Vice President really has managed her role in the administration quite well! She will never be as good as Joe Biden. I did not leave out that she is Black and Asian. Don, you know I’m color blind. My friend, at the end of the day, I don’t see color, just another human being

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