Snitches Put Witches in Ditches The Gantt Report

Alprazolam Buy India By Lucius Gantt Cheap Real Xanax Online         When Congress began to consider the impeachment of Republican President Richard Nixon for “Watergate” related crimes and cover-ups, President Nixon resigned from office and flew away from Washington, D.C. on a Marine One helicopter.

Buy Xanax Forum If President Donald Trump was really as smart as he pretends to be, he should resign from office just like “Tricky Dick” did!

Recently, Paul Manafort, the former Trump presidential campaign chairman, cut a deal to cooperate with Robert Mueller’s prosecutors, he says, “to make sure that his family was able to remain safe and live a good life”. Obviously, the 69-year-old Manafort trusted the Special Prosecutor investigating Russian interference in the 2016 elections who could give Manafort a reduction in jail time more than he trusted Trump who has reportedly lied over 5000 times since moving into the White House. A pardon from the Liar in Chief just wouldn’t do!

Alprazolam Bulario Anvisa Trump and his incompetent attorney acknowledged that Manafort was convicted of crimes in a Virginia case and suggested that the conviction had nothing to do with the President but in the Washington, D.C. case, Manafort pled guilty to obstruction of justice in trying to derail the Mueller investigation.

The thing is, Manafort realized many of the 40 thieves were turning on Ali Baba and also that the Special Prosecutor knew far more about election crimes than the President said he did.

The Gantt Report wrote months ago that the Special Prosecutor knew almost everything about the witch in the so-called “witch hunt”. What the Manafort plea does is get Mueller in striking distance to what the Special Prosecutor wants to know most of all about Trump and the Russian money! Manafort knows if foreign money was laundered, how it was laundered, what people were involved in the money transactions and if foreign money was used to help Trump in his suspect victory over Hillary Clinton. No, the investigation into Russian election interference was never a Democratic plot. Even a supporter of President Barack Obama, that worked with Manafort, was exposed by Mueller as someone who cooperated in Manafort’s schemes to disguise his representation as a foreign agent for Ukrainian political crooks associated with Moscow.

Buy Xanax Nyc The Trump campaign manager pled guilty to crimes and Trump’s personal lawyer and cat payer Michael Cohen, pled guilty to crimes. The only ones between those two and Trump are Trump’s son and his son-in-law and both of those men met with Russians in Trump Tower to get dirt on Hillary Clinton that was stolen via hacked emails.

All of the Trump people lied and said the Trump Tower meeting was about adoptions. Yes, Trump should save his children from prosecution just like Michael Flynn saved his son from a court date and possibly jail time.

Can I Buy Xanax From Canada Trump should leave Washington and go somewhere to join his ku klux klan friends at their next cross burning.

Can You Buy Xanax Over The Counter Uk Manafort is going to tell everything he knows.

Where Can I Buy Xanax Forum Snitches put witches in ditches!

Xanax Pills For Sale Online The Witch Hunter is about to disarm the lying witch!

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