Soggy Monday

By Don Valentine and Nicole Nutting

     He said:  Very soggy Labor Day weekend.  Nicole, who invited our pal Dorian to the Bar B Que?  The lines for gas where crazy.  The station I parked at [that is how slow the line was moving] a guy cut the line and went to the front.  He was either texting or talking on the phone.  Needless to say he almost got shot the other customers waiting in the Florida humidity did not take kindly to his civility.

She said:  “Man up” Don!  You get a bad thunderstorm every 2 or 3 years.  Then the state freaks out and goes into Armageddon mode.  Dude we have it worse in California.  The annual forest fire season.  Toss in the bumpy foggy cold weather I deal with in San Diego in the Winter.  No sir, my friend you have it easy. When was the last time Miami, South Florida had an earthquake?   Your disasters you can prepare for a week in advance, We don’t have that luxury!

He said:  Fine, if you want me to brag.  That 82 degree weather in December and February does put a balance on the inconvenience.  I have to hold my head in shame.  Given the plethora of celebrities with additional homes on South Beach and Miami, must be a nice real estate.  That list includes Floyd “Money” Mayweather [paid $7,000,000 cash] for his loft to Matt Damon.

She said:  Stop name dropping.  Southern California has our fair share of stars as well.  You guys are blessed with warm sand and great temperatures.  Stop whining about a few times a decade preparing for a Storm!  You know it is a tropical resort.  President Trump wants to host the next “G-7” in Doral FL.   That is walking distance to the Miami International Airport.  If he says that property is perfect…




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