Stacey Abrams is not done with Brian Kemp and his Jim Crow tactics

Abrams is still pushing for justice.

Written By NewsOne Staff

      Stacey Abrams may have acknowledged that Brian Kemp won the election for governor of Georgia, but she is not giving up on fighting for every vote to be counted. Several law-suits have been filed against Kemp, and now Abrams is reportedly filing another one.

Abrams told Chris Hayes on MSNBC, “It was not a free and fair election. Brian Kemp over-saw — for eight years — the systemic dismantling of our democracy and that meant there could not be free and fair elections in Georgia this year.”

However, Abrams is doing something about it. She explained, “We have started an organization called Fair Fight Georgia. We are going to file a federal lawsuit — next week — that will allege the gross mis-management that we have seen and that we have been able to document.”

She continued, “In fact, we thought we were going to go forward with the case today or this week, but we have gotten so many more — so much more information from voters, so many more calls, that we’re continuing to gather affidavits and we’re going to push it to next week, given the holidays,” Abrams explained.

Kemp allegedly (and more than likely, fraudulently — considering he is legendary for voter suppression) received 50.2 percent of the vote and he would have needed to be under 50 percent for there to be a runoff.

Weeks before the election, former President Jimmy Carter called on Kemp to resign. He refused and waited until two days after the election to offer his resignation, arguably, after his corruption had already been done.

Keep on fighting, Stacey Abrams!


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