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Support for Amendment Four

Support for Amendment Four

By Lonnie Supnick

I’m with the League of Women Voters working in support of Amendment Four on the November ballot.  Another League member suggested I contact you to see whether you have come out in support of this Amendment, restoring voting rights to Florida citizens who served sentences for felonies and have paid their debt to society.  As you are probably aware, Florida leads the nation in disenfranchised citizens.

As the November election nears, we hope to reach out to the Black community, which is disproportionately affected by Florida’s current law.  It is estimated that one in five Black citizens cannot vote.

If you are interested, I can supply you with information about this issue, the League’s efforts in support, or a personal story by someone who has been involved since the petition-signing drive that put Amendment Four on the ballot.

At the very least, we hope your editorial staff will help turn out the Vote for Four!


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