Support sought for Dr. Susie C. Holley Cradle Nursery

Dr. Susie Holley Cradle Nursery
Dr. Susie Holley Cradle Nursery

Support sought for Dr. Susie C. Holley Cradle Nursery

By Priscilla Hawk


    What about the Children”? Is a question that was asked by Dr. Susie C. Holley over 50 years ago? The question was answered by Ms. Mildred E. Hightower and Mrs. Priscilla A. Hawk when they embraced the idea of having a baby shower for Cradle Nursery located at 1301 N.W. 61h Court in Fort Lauderdale Fla. just off the newly reconstructed Sixtrunk Blvd.

    With the support of their Pastor, Dr. Derrick J. Hughes, the Society of Mission, of The Historical First Baptist Church Piney Grove, the event held on August 11, 2012 was cozy and exciting. It was also concerning and informative. The purpose was to embrace the past by sowing seeds of love, hope and encouragement into the lives of God’s most precious gift, “Our Children”. “Too much is given, much is expected.  “We are here to bring focus on Cradle Nursery for the services it has provided to the community for over 50 years, public awareness and public support is essential to keep this vital resource in the community, said Mrs. Hawk. She has a sincere passion for children and understands that faith without works is dead.

    Shower gifts included cribs, educational equipment, toys and other items valued more than one thousand dollars.

    Mildred Hightower brought attention to fact she herself attended Cradle Nursery. She returned to the nursery as a volunteer and is currently the Executive Director. She shares her love for the children with her family who are walking in her shoes and putting in tireless hours to ensure our children have the opportunity very early in life to be loved, nurtured and educated. Her daughter Adrea Hightower serves as the Office Manager and Curriculum coordinator.

    Mrs. Evelyn Grooms a past Executive Director reminded us of the history of Cradle, it was the vision of Dr. Susie B. Holley that our children would have a safe haven for care and learning. She was a visionary who was not afraid to ask the entire county for assistance in helping children success. After all it is the responsibility of the village to raise the children and Dr. Holley understood that very early.

    The past Alumni were recognized. The young and the old embraced and shared stories of how Cradle had influenced their growth and lives. Now they stand some 50, 60 and 70 years old contributing to the same community which help them to develop into teachers, lawyers, activist, computer analyst, elected officials and the list goes on.

    The alumni Earnestine Hill Jackson, Evelyn Grooms, Karen Black Baron, Katrice Bell Jefferson, Regina Rhue, Stephanie Williams and Mr. Anthony Boone shared their time and stories which reminded us of the importance of continuing to support Cradle Nursery and protect the vision of Dr. Susie B. Holley.

    The Alumni and The Board of Directors will sponsor a luncheon on November 3, 2012 at the First Baptist Church downtown Fort Lauderdale. All proceeds would benefit the children of Cradle Nursery. Please contact, Executive Director, Mildred Hightower for tickets at (954) 463-6671.

    Cradle Nursery needs the help of every one to preserve this historic community resource. If individuals, Businesses and community organizations would like to contribute your time, money and professional services please contact Mrs. Hightower for more information at: (954) 463-6671. All contributions are tax deductable, Cradle is a non- profit 501 (c) (3) organization.


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