Stereotyping patients impacts access to life saving services and quality care

     One Saturday morning over 20 years ago when my son was 8 years old, he woke up with a very dry cough. He continued to cough throughout the day. It got worse in the night and his breathing became more strained. I knew then something was seriously wrong, and I decided to take him to the emergency room, although it was the middle of the night and at this time our family was without health insurance. Worryingly, I had gotten laid off from my job and was the one who had the family health insurance and my husband’s enrollment period hadn’t come around yet, so we were without health insurance for about six months. […]


How Can You Combat the Issue of Healthcare Disparity?

     We’ve all heard about the disparity of quality of care in our healthcare system in certain marginalized groups. Some ways these disparities manifest is through provider discrimination, lack of adequate health insurance, high costs, and/or limited access to quality care. Numerous statistics prove this issue is valid. For example, according to the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics, high blood pressure is 56% more common in Black adults than white adults, with a direct correlation to the limited amount of dietary advice and monitoring available for that demographic. […]


Supreme Court’s Sordid Legacy

  Former President George Washington was instrumental in the establishment of the Supreme Court in 1787. However, it was the Judiciary Act of 1789, which codified it into law thereby giving it power to force governmental officials to comply with the law. Washington, a slave owner, nominated six white men to serve as Justices. Of the six Justices, four also were slave owners. Thus, began the initial packing of the Supreme Court as well as its sordid legacy. […]



   Republicans recognizing that the white supremacist ideology used to controlled Democracy, just as a bit controls a horse, could no longer control the overwhelming power of Black and Brown voters. Consequently, Republicans in fear of not ever being able to win a presidential election have resorted to  tactics equally as evil and unGodly as the deeds of America’s white supremacists Founding Fathers. […]