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‘The accident is President’

GUS-LLetter to the Editor

‘The accident is President’

Donald Jacka – Trump is a man of no good. And he showed you people who voted for him. All he knows  about are golf courses and hotels. What has he ever been in charge of besides those two (2) things? So what does he know about being in charge of a country. Now that he’s in charge you will see how things will change. He made a mistake on the first day in office. Why would he want the bust of MLK removed from the oval office. If you don’t know you better ask somebody. Who wants  to see something like that the next four (4) years. If you would have had the sense to vote, Hillary would have won and made history. So now we have a mistory to put up with. Sorry, but you women waited too late to March; you should’ve voted for Hillary first.

Gus L.

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