The Detox

Jimmie Davis, Jr.
Jimmie Davis, Jr.

By Jimmie Davis, Jr.

When people are strung out on drugs they normally check into a Detox center to stop abusing drugs/liquor.

Because of all of the impurities that are in the food we eat today a lot of people will purchase a colon cleanser [Detox] to rid themselves of the toxins that’s trapped in their bodies.

As a kid growing up I was responsible for bathing our dog, and as soon as I finished washing him, he would go out and roll back out in the dirt.

That’s how it is with mankind, they go to church on Sunday and come Monday they go right out and roll in the dirt of sin!

Metaphorically speaking these particular members of society has relapsed back into their old evil desires just like the drug addict has relapsed back into his/her drug addiction!

At the Detox center drug addicts undergo counseling to cure their addiction.

Likewise, consumers can go to Walmart to purchase their colon cleanser.

But the only thing that’s going to purge mankind from his wicked ways is the word of God! Amen

Furthermore, it’s going to take commitment and pure devotion to God to stay on that “Street called Straight.” Amen

Just like some people sit down and watch a television program everyday or participate in their favorite pastime or hobby – we have to give ourselves over to Christ! Amen

Through this process God will give us strength and his sanctifying power to maintain our holiness to keep us from falling back into the world of sin! Amen

Jeremiah 1:18 “For behold, I have made thee this day a defended city, and an iron pillar, and brazen walls against the whole land.” Amen

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