“The King Behind the Purple Chair of POWER!”

Kevin Hunter
Kelvin Cowans

By Kelvin Cowans

What do we know about celebrities? I’ll tell you, short answer, we know nothing…..

We are graced with their gifts that they often display in front of a camera. A proposed honest yet produced setting of high adventure into their worlds.  We are constantly mesmerized by elite Film Producers who even now hang the title of  “Reality TV” on their projects. Wow, reality huh? When it comes to celebrities, I don’t think we graduate to reality without a deep conversation with them, away from their cameras and producers.

Collectively, we have followed the rise and eventual fall of The Wendy Williams Show. Even beyond its era there remains no shortage of breaking news material associated with its Pop Culture/Hip Hop Culture  favorite Host Wendy Williams trials and tribulations.  However  what is missing from many of those breaking news clips is reality. While Kelvin Hunter Sr., Wendy Williams ex-husband, is indeed mentioned and often slandered, I don’t think we ever really knew him. Many of us didn’t even know he actually helped create and develop The Wendy Williams Show. So, why wouldn’t he be upset about pay he professionally earned as an Executive Producer of the show, while others focused squarely on his personal indiscretions. In an upcoming Westside Gazette Special we get Mr. Kelvin Hunter away from producers and the camera.  In his first published exclusive interview since his three year old very public divorce from the Hollywood Walk of Fame TV Host. We go back to Brownsville NY and hear what life was like for him growing up. Then quickly we hurdle the pains of this often homeless teenager and make our way up to New Jersey NY to when Night Club promoter Kelvin met Radio Wendy.  We’ll learn new facts about show that many love as Kelvin answers all the questions we never asked. How could we,  what do we know about celebrities? I’ll tell you, short answer, we know nothing…… until they sit down with us away from the cameras and producers like Kelvin did.


Kelvin Cowans was born and raised in Memphis Tennessee, home of world famous Beale Street. This proud Alumni of Kirby High School  is a Journalist, Author and Screenwriter. Better known by his nickname and height “Six~Four” is the Founder and Owner of Six~Four Productions Company. As a Journalist Kelvin Cowans was a Free Lancer for Memphis Tri-State Defender Newspaper from 2011-2021 where his interviews made the Front Page (36) times. Having a professional and approachable attitude he continuously produced incomparable exclusive interviews of celebrities and culture elites including Judge Joe Brown, Rapper T.I., Geneva Reed-Veal, Stevie Wonder, Elise Neal, Vernon Winfrey, Lavell Crawford, Sherra Wright, James Wade, Dr. Sheena Harris and  Dr. Steve Perry etc.

As an Author Kelvin “Six~Four” Cowans has (7) Books to his credit. One of his titles “The Whispering Woods of Sherra Wright” Parts 1 & 2, led to him signing a Documentary, TV Series and Movie Deal with a well-known Hollywood Production Company in 2022 and will include his inaugural Screenwriting & Producing talents. Six~Four has been nominated for Memphis Tennessee “Best in Black Awards” (4) times (2012, 2013, 2014, 2018) but insist that being nominated for any award is an acknowledgement that your talent is in the right lane.  Then to win an award means that the talent was excellent. However to ultimately have an award named after you will prove that you took some minds along with you for the ride. He currently resides in his second home, Houston Texas.

Kelvin Cowans can be reached at: Email: kelvincowans@hotmail.com Instagram: @sixfour901

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