The Last Time I Cried

Last week this poem appeared on our website with some misinformation that was not deliberate or intended. We do apologize for any misunderstandings.  Sincerely, Bobby R. Henry, Sr., Publisher


@ Dr Sue (Susan Lycett Davis)

The last time I cried

It wasn’t this painful at all

The last time I cried

I sure wasn’t left folded in a ball!


But…Today I cried and it penetrated my soul

As the knee infiltrated the throat in the fol’

As I mustered the courage to watch the tape

All sense of wonder and disbelief left me agape.


The thoughts that went through my head, where not Christian at all

So I feel for the masses who have no hope on which to fall.

Vengeance is mine says the Lord

But Father… I question real hard!


What about humanity, liberty and justice for all

Why are my Black brothers taking the fall

People are people, good bad or indifferent indeed

All genders, all color, we are all from one ‘seed.’


Today I cried…no, I bawled for George Floyd,

And the ‘81 Black Men and Boys Killed By Police’, Lord!

For Trayvon, Ahmaud and others killed by racist beasts

For mothers whose heart strings are torn in disbelief!


Black lives matter, ALL lives matter

The pain is making me tatter.

Lord, I know you are here…so hear my shout!



The last time I cried

It wasn’t this painful at all

I’m trusting you Lord to bring vengeance fi true

‘Cause Comeuppance is well overdue!


Susan Lycett Davis (Dr Sue) is a Professor Emerita and HR/Organizational Leadership Consultant.  She is a devout Christian, a poet and an author of three publications.  Visit her at

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