The politics of discrimination often details political skullduggery

Derek Joy
Derek Joy

The politics of discrimination often details political  skullduggery

By Derek Joy


    Hear ye!  Hear ye!!  Hear ye!!!

    So let it be written, so let it be done.

    And that is how the dust settled and the smoke cleared over the political career of former State Senator Mandy Dawson (Dem., Fort Lauderdale).

    Dawson was sentenced to six months jail time for failing to file income tax return and tax evasion. She was exposed during an investigation of Hollywood Optometrist Dr. Alan Mendelsohn, then a powerful Republican fundraiser and lobbyist.

    Mendelsohn is currently serving four years in prison on fraud and conspiracy charges. Funny thing. Mendelsohn needed only to pay Dawson to ensure at his proposed legislation would have smooth sailing.

    Black American female Democrat in a State Legislature controlled by Republicans had the power to block legislation.  Not in a million years.  That lie is no better than Dawson crying a drug dependency problem contributed to her greed and criminal conduct.

    Alcohol and drugs get blamed for a whole lot they didn’t do.  But it worked for Dawson to receive a six months sentence. Former Broward County Commissioner Josephus Egglelletion served over two years in prison for doing pretty much the same thing Dawson did.  He was recently released.

     Now, consider the tax evasion charge to contrast and compare the political skullduggery right before your eyes.

    So, let’s take it from the top.

    When President Barack Obama won the 2008 Election, he set about naming his Cabinet members.  Republicans in Congress demanded each Nominee produce more than the last two years’ tax returns.

    But now that Mitt Romney is all but officially chosen as the GOP Presidential Nominee, the cries are not for the same.

    In fact, Romney has tiptoed through the tulips on providing tax returns for the last two years.  Even has the media wishing this issue away.  Not to mention what some in the public is saying.

    Romney has also evaded the issue of his Swiss bank account, outsourcing jobs to foreign countries and investments in other countries that have financial shelters.

    Is Romney being evasive because he didn’t pay taxes on those accounts/investments?  Would such information show that Romney, and others who engage in the same kind of financial adventures, could create jobs with those dollars, or maybe reduce the deficit?

    And is that why Congress is now screaming for nothing more than two years income tax returns?  Are those 535 Members of Congress – 100 Senators and 435 – Representatives – failing to report income and or filing fraudulent income tax returns?

    For sure, Americans use Swiss bank accounts and invest in foreign countries. Billions of dollars filter through such foreign shelters to avoid paying taxes. Count the jobs that money could create in America.  Look at the impact that money would have on the Americana economy.

    So, you see, providing tax returns for more than two years would most assuredly open a “Pandora’s Box.”

    Consequently, I’d like to know why anyone would want to conceal honesty and integrity.  

    And please answer for yourselves the question: Why would any elected official – especially those elected to federal offices – not want to provide such information as proof of their honesty and integrity?


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