The Wrong Right

Lucius Gantt

The Gantt Report

By Lucius Gantt

Quit playing and pretending that a recent U. S. Supreme Court ruling is only about a woman’s right to choose.

Pregnancies will continue to be terminated for good, bad and other reasons in states where health care providers can perform the necessary procedures in clinics and hospitals and terminations will also be done in less desirable places like alleyways, back rooms and unsanitary basements.

The court decision is really about states rights.

Think about it. Not so very long ago, meetings of Republican legislators in Florida, Georgia and some other southern states could have been held in a phone booth.

Today, Republicans control most of the conservative legislatures in America if you take out the states on the west and east coasts.

The devilish Supreme Court ruling declared that the Ku Klux Klan, neo-nazis, proud boys, boogaloo brothers, white militias Sisters of the Confederacy and other groups that were elected to control conservative legislatures can basically do what they want to.

If you don’t know, slavery was a “state right”, Jim Crow laws were a state right, separate but equal was a state right, voter suppression was a state right, false arrests and over prosecution by State Attorneys was a state right.

 Gantt Report readers should look deep while fake journalists and news reporters peep!

How can women, along with supportive and concerned men, address the current judicial situation?

Progressive and well-meaning Americans must stop marching to the courthouse and other government buildings and begin marching to the polls.

When The Gantt Report wrote about “Satans in the States” years ago, some readers played the column off.

However, when the right community leaders deliver the right messages about how governments and courts operate, then the people can make plans to make things happen.

Waiting on the President, Speaker of the House and Senate President to correct things is futile.

Good citizens must vote all bad Republicans, and/or Democrats, out of office. Instead of voting for Dixiecrats, false friends and bamboozlers, the people must vote for candidates that are good for the people.

Women of all races and creeds are somewhat upset with the conservatives on the Supreme Court, but the women talking about the effect of the court’s ruling on women’s right to choose are mostly white women.

You see, white women can’t change American politics and governments on their own; they need help from the hood.

Don’t get it twisted! Some of your white female friends, coworkers, elected officials and neighbors are more conservative than their male counterparts.

White women have taken advantage of every government action that was allegedly designed to help poor and disadvantaged Blacks. Just check your states and see who benefited from disadvantaged business, minority business and affirmative action programs.

You probably know a woman that has fronted for her husband’s business and labeled that company as a “woman-owned” minority business.

When victimized people unite, they are stronger!

The marches on courthouses will soon stop, but the plots and schemes by the people that hate you and want to control you will continue.

The recent Supreme Court ruling was bad, but the worst is yet to come.

Vote for your life! Stop the wrong right!


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