Who Should You Trust?

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The Gantt Report

Who Should You Trust?

By Lucius Gantt

      Who should you trust? Who should you trust? You, that’s who!

President Donald Trump has a strategy that requires him to describe any news report that paints a negative picture of him as “fake” news.

In my observation, there are no print news reports or broadcasts that are more “fake” than the tweets that the President makes that invade the Tweetisphere almost each and every morning.

Don’t get me wrong, news men and women make mistakes, columnists sometimes publish flawed opinions and media companies around the world make fundamental errors all of the time.

However, no good President would ever want to be remembered for his lies, branded for his political BS or impeached for his criminal misconduct.

At the same time, devils don’t care! Devilish politicians are always up to no good! Misinformation, mischief and mayhem are their calling cards.

Currently on the “lie” table is the President’s proposed summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

President Trump’s recent decision to abort a summit in June 2018 with the North Korean leader left the White House scrambling to explain the outcome to allies amid fears that the collapse of talks would mean a return to heightened tensions between nuclear powers in East Asia.

After President Trump pulled out of the Global Warming Accords, out of the Trans Pacific (trade) Partnership and out of the Iran nuclear agreement, why would Kim trust any kind of agreement with a Liar in Chief?

After the United States got Libya to get rid of its nuclear arms ideas, Libyan Muammar Gaddafi was promptly killed by so-called rebels supported by the United States.

And, “The Libya model” is what some Trump loyalists want for Korea’s Kim.

My question is exactly what can America promise North Korea in return for that county’s denuclearization?

Well, American money can’t be promised because most political dollars were given to U.S. billionaires by the Trump administration. America can’t promise weaponry because that would upset other countries like Japan and South Korea.

I’m not a diplomat but if I were negotiating a deal for North Korea I would want the same things that the United States desires. Perhaps North Korea should ask the US to destroy nuclear missile sites. Maybe the US should allow North Korean inspections of US military bases and nuclear missile inventories.

Naw, those ideas would never fly!

The only scenario I can envision is a phase in of US monetary assistance and improved trade and other relations and a lengthy phase out of Korean weapons of mass destruction.

Now to some good news, The Gantt Report said US youth would be a political force, but they are also becoming an economic force.

Florida students recently held “die-ins” at Publix Supermarkets in Florida and their efforts resulted in Publix reconsidering their advertising relationship with the NRA and other pro gun groups!

Good for the students and good for parents that support their children and encourage the students to stand up and speak out against punk politicians, unjust laws and insensitive organizations and corporations!



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