‘This Can’t be Real’: Parents Outraged After Miami daycare put children in Blackface

 Preschoolers at Studio Kids Little River daycare centre in Miami had their faces painted Black by a teacher for Black History Month, parents say. (WSVN)

Anger, Disbelief and Heartbreak’ after a Teacher at the Studio Kids Little River Painted Toddlers’ Faces Black in Class

 By Devan Hurley, The Independent

Parents have accused a Miami daycare centre of racism after a teacher painted preschoolers’ faces Black to celebrate Black History Month.

The Studio Kids Little River has reportedly apologized after pictures of an entire class of young children in Blackface last Friday were circulated among parents.

Courtney Politis, whose children attend the preschool, told WSVN was appalled that educators would fail to appreciate how offensive it was.

“I was like, ‘There’s no way this is real, this can’t be real,’” Ms. Politis  told WSVN.

Her children weren’t present that day, but she was told by another parent that the children were encouraged to dress as different professions including a construction worker and a police officer.

A teacher painted all of the toddlers’ faces Black, and apparently said, “Happy Black History Month,” according to Ms. Politis.

The incident caused feelings of “anger, disbelief and heartbreak”, she said.

Ms. Politis immediately texted the owner to say it was racist.

“Her first response was, ‘I’m sorry, question mark,’” Ms. Politis said.

The preschool’s director reportedly contacted parents that day, to say: “We have not intended to offend anyone, and we are very sorry about any inconvenience.”

Ms. Politis shared images of the children provided to her, which have been blurred to protect their identity.

She said she has since removed her children from the facility.

“It’s blatant and pure ignorance, or you just did it on purpose and you’re playing stupid, in my opinion,” she told WSVN.

Studio Kids did not immediately respond to a request for comment by The Independent.

The centre has refused to comment publicly since it was initially reported by Florida media outlets on Friday.

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