Time for A Truth Serum in America in 2022

Roger Caldwell

By Roger Caldwell

It does not matter in America if you are Democrat, Republican, conservative, liberal, Christian, Catholic, or the president of the United States. Sometimes your information is wrong or manipulated to win an argument. There are always different sides to a story, and sometimes the story is a lie.

The pandemic has rewired our brains and normality, and the past is not coming back. The insurgency proved that Democracy is being challenged by insurgents who see that America is a multi-racial-culture country and world, and military power will not force a change in this reality. With only 10% of the global population on the planet being White, the challenge is we all must work together to save the world.

Truth is a very difficult word to swallow and accept, because the constitution was built on corruption, hypocrisy, lies and criminality. When a small group of the inhabitants on the planet control 65% percent of the wealth through military power and violence something must change.

The promise of America starts with slavery, which many people are starting to call slaves “Prisoners of War.” When one group of people believes they have a divine destiny of superiority over another group because of the color of their skin, the truth has been misrepresented, and the rule of law is based on fabrications and lies.

From the very inception of America, systemic racism has been the system that has made America prosperous, and the Democrats in 2021 would confuse everyone by saying only the Republicans are racist. At one time the Democrats were against political equality and voting rights for Blacks and people of color, and Republicans were the good guys.

So it appears that White Americans are playing games with the rules, and at any minute laws   can change like the wind. The conservatives can become a liberal, and the old lies become new lies.

As 30 states have implemented laws to take voting rights away from Blacks and people of color, it appears that Jim Crow and the end of reconstruction is coming back in a new form. With more guns in the streets, White national terror organizations are stock piling guns for a war. Many Americans believe that the Republicans will take back at least one of the Federal Houses in 2022, and more local elections will be controlled by the GOP.

To change America in 2022, it will take courage and a vision of shared commitment. There must be a level playing field of opportunities for all American citizens in 2022. There are some great opportunities and ideas for liberals, Blacks and people of color, and it is time to build coalitions and new institutions.

The pandemic will continue to change the thinking of Americans in 2022, and it is time to build a country based on truth. Masking up, vaccinations, and staying safe is the new mantra for hope, and together we can lower the infection rate, because this is the new normal.

As America goes forward in 2022, racism must be challenged everywhere it shows its ugly head and thousands of discussions must be started on how Blacks get reparations based on their treatment in the country. Voting rights cannot be sweep under the rug and more people of color must have an opportunity to run for office in politics, business, and entertainment.

With the Biden and Harris presidential teams, great things are on the horizon in 2022 to bring better paying jobs, level the playing fields, improve healthcare, work on climate change, and never stop believing in the greatness of our country.

Let truth ring out loud and clear in 2022, and live your best life ever. Roll up your sleeves and let’s get busy working in 2022, because there is so much to do. Show love and go in peace-Happy New Year.

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