Trump & A Segment of America Embody Traits of Wallace, Hitler & Robert E. Lee

John Johnson II

By John Johnson II

      Trump has demonstrated to the Nation that he’s a racist, divisive divider, supporter of white supremacy, and a traitor. Yet, he’s poised to be re-nominated by Republicans to run for a second term. But how and why has this been allowed to happen in the world’s greatest democracy?

Simply put, the Civil War ended slavery, but preserved white supremacy; the Civil Rights Act of 1964, ended segregation, but created asphalt reservations for Blacks; the war on poverty enriched whites and relegated Blacks as the disadvantaged; criminal justice perpetuated a systemic plan designed to institute modern day slavery for Black men and women; and police brutality against Blacks is unabated and reflective of plantation overseers.

During the 19th and 20th Centuries, in the deep south, Black babies were kidnapped from the arms of their mothers and skinned before used as alligator bait. A Century later America allowed Trump to snatch immigrant children from the arms of mothers and scattered them, as though they were animals, throughout the country without a plan of reunification. Hitler also did this, but his plan was to burn Jews alive in incinerators. George Wallace once bellowed before a crowd of fist pumping whites, salivating with rage, “Segregation now and Segregation forever.” In order to satisfy his base thirst for white supremacy, Trump issued and Executive Order to protect confederate monuments.

Additionally, since 1787, the Constitution has been revered as the cornerstone of our democracy. Yet, hallow declarations have done little to guarantee Blacks the same privileges as whites. While any Caucasian immigrant who enter this country is amalgamated and enjoys white privileges as they pursue unmitigated happiness. Sadly, some of the children of these once immigrants are as racists and prejudice as the Founding Fathers. Why?

Again, “Simply Put,” America nurtures and codifies racism, inhuman and ungodly behavior. Just examine the prisons rolls, tally the disproportion of black victims of covid-19, ask who received the smallest portion of pandemic stimulus billions and inquire who gets tested less for the virus. Yes! It’s Black and brown people. Systemic racism is like weeds, it must be continually rebuked along with its cultivators.

America’s democracy stands at the cusp of being destroyed by a narcissistic President, who embodies traits of some of the world’s most monstrous men, Wallace, Hitler, and General R. Lee. History reveals that before Lee left the Union to lead the confederate army, his combative and harsh treatment of his slaves caused them to revolt. He and his rebels killed thousands of Union soldiers.

However, Trump has stooped to a level that should garner him the title the “Antichrist.” He once proclaimed to be the chosen one. How can this President, as the Commander-in-Chief, refuse to defend the lives and honor of the very soldiers he sends into battle? These soldiers are willing to give their lives, if necessary, to defend our democracy. Trump’s actions are treasonous. Republican Senators risk nothing; surely not a paycheck or the comfort of their home and love ones. Yet, they fail to hold Trump accountable.

Every Congressperson, Supreme Court Justices, Evangelists, citizens, as well as members of Trump’s base who fails to denounce him, must be members of his cult. A cult which seeks to thrust the arch of righteousness and our democracy into the pits of hell.

America must protect and defend itself from all

enemies, both foreign and domestic. This certainly includes President Trump and his band of enablers.

Trump’s Judgement day is Tuesday, November 3, 2020. However, Trump should’ve never gotten this far. Failure to hold him accountable embolden him to resurrect America’s existential evilness. Even though the Founding Fathers are dead, their racists ideology must be continually and fervently rebuked.

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