Trump Voters Remain Loyal Because He Supports a Malignancy of White Supremacy

John Johnson II

By John Johnson

American voters after having had nearly four years to evaluate Trump’s record, the polls are revealing he has approximately a 40% approval rating. But why and how is this conceivable? One could also ask why are these voters ignoring Trump’s failed leadership as they prepare to cast their votes? What has Trump done to gain this unmitigated support, despite causing over 200, thousands deaths due to COVID-19? Plus, his lack of a plan to combat this virus, the economy is in ruins, with millions unemployed.

Sadly, Trump remains a threat to be re-elected president because he represents the core values of white supremacists, endorses legislations to disenfranchised minorities, supports deporting undocumented immigrants, favors maintaining a majority white population, touts religious freedoms for evangelicals and Christian protestants. Most importantly, he’s obsessed with packing judicial and the Supreme Court with staunch conservative judges. Once these positions are filled Republicans will maintain a strangle hold on political power for decades.

Without a doubt, the malignancy of white supremacy, ignorance, and Trump’s re-election constitute the greatest threat to America’s democracy. One could conclude that Trump and his base are all members of the “The Flat Earth Society,” which continues to strive on conspiracy theories and religious dogma. If climate change and COVID-19, are hoaxes, why is Miami Beach raising its streets and he has contracted this virus?

It’s conceivable that scientists will develop a vaccine for COVID-19, long before one, if ever, will be developed to cure ignorance and the devastating malignancy of white supremacy. However, the power of the vote is the most potent weapon available to control the malignancy of white supremacy. Vote as though your life depended on it, because it does.

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