Trump’s Cynical Plot to Lynch Democracy – Who’s Watching?

John Johnson II

By John Johnson II

      America’s democracy is the sub-stance of its politicians’ integrity, who represents the government, and the core values of its people. Far too often, the government is viewed as an alien entity that does either good or horrible things towards its people, especially its Black and Brown. But our government is comprised of men and women elected to manage the affairs of America and to care for all of it people, not just the rich. Fortunately, the people control America’s real power, by way of the vote. However, because of apathy, different values, racism, ignorance, etc., voters’ power can be manipulated, sup-pressed, or even denied.

History holds horrible memories of White folks gathering after church around a tree to watch a Black man being lynched. Their children stood among the crowd. If the Black man was burned to death, rather than lynched, charred body parts, such as an ear or nose, were collected as souvenirs. Postcards of these authorities were printed and sold.

This historical approach to revealing the substance of America’s past isn’t merely meant to be a history lesson. Rather, it’s meant to be a wake-up call, reminiscent of Paul Revere’s ride to warn the colonies of the on-coming British. However, this warning is more urgent. Metaphorically, Trump and his Republicans syndicate are trying to stack the Supreme Court and lynch/destroy America’s democracy.

Casinos stack decks of cards in order to ensure that gamblers lose and the “house” wins. Trump’s attempts to stack the Supreme Court is an attempt to shield him from future criminal litigation and to establish a federalist core of Justices. He’s determined to execute his plot, even though his actions may rob the Court of its fragile integrity. Re-member, some of the first Supreme Court Justices were slave owners. Consequently, an appointment to the Court does not cleanse them of their prejudices, biases, and transgressions.

Yes, just as slaves were lynched, left hanging to terrorize other slaves and to flaunt white supremacy, Trump is attempting to demonstrate to his base of enablers that with his unmitigated powers and no accountability, he can render democracy both useless and lifeless.

Trump’s cynical plot has included the following: 1) kowtowing to Putin, 2) demeaning the press, 3) attempting to involve a foreign gov’t in our elections, 4) demanding loyalty to him rather than the Constitution, 5) intimidating whistle blowers, 6) establishing back channels to other countries, 7) using the military to terrorize peaceful protesters, 8) endangering the health/safety of Americans by lying, 9) Co-opting the role of the Attorney General, 10) hiding his indebtedness/taxes, 11) boasting of having increased the military budget, hoping if necessary, they’ll support a Presidential coup, etc.

Ironically, what’s unfolding in America is like a “B” rate movie, with a cast of terrible actors/ actresses, a wicked plot, and an audience filled with Republican women too stupid or apathetic to demonstrate a moral compass.

Who’s really watching this plot? It was reported on the internet that Bill Gates and Warren Buffett met for lunch with Chuck Feeney, a self-made multi-billionaire to personally hear his story. Mr. Feeney as he pledged, donated all his wealth to charities, except 2 million dollars. Both men were so impressed that they hailed him as their hero and promised to contribute more of their wealth. Hopefully, they and other billionaires will join Former Mayor Bloomberg in using their wealth to protect our democracy and not merely watch the lynching of America’s democracy. Also, the thousands of people already marching, and protesting must be saluted and considered heroes for democracy.

What’s happening isn’t a movie and no reruns will be allowed. But, most importantly, you can determine Tuesday, November 3, 2020, if our democracy survives an attempted lynching by voting for the Presidential democratic candidates, Former V.P., Joe Biden and Sen., Kamala Harris


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