Jacobs Pickering

Letter to the Editor

By Jake Pickering

Deeply delusional Trumptards not only idiotically insist there will be a “Red Wave” (Rapepublicans must mean their Russian masters are readying another invasion), crackpot QAnon “conservatives” continuously call for sedition, secession, and the mass murder of their patriotic political opponents.

Why? Because the political right-wing in America is an entirely brainless thing! Long gone are the days of intellectual, well-reasoned, rational conservatism. Thanks to Trump the traitor, the Republikkkan Party is now completely controlled by psychotic, superstitious, inbred hillbilly hatemongers!

For instance, how about that political punchline otherwise known as Tennessee’s senior racist Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn? Or for that matter, could anyone possibly be more deranged and delusional than presidential wannabe Republican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas? Or how about that foolish fascist Alabama Republican Senator Tommy Tuberville who is without question the dumbest member of the U.S. Senate. (I can go on for pages, because Republican politicians are required to flunk an IQ test now before being nominated to run for public office.)

Exactly how many generations of inbreeding conservative cousins-marrying-cousins in the former Confederacy does it take to produce such a psychologically stunted crop of low-IQ, treasonous troglodyte, anti-American MAGA moron GOP candidates in the Deep South? Vladimir Putin’s bought-and-paid-for puppet Donald Trump most definitely deserves to die for his crimes against humanity (pandemicide) and for Traitor Trump’s never-ending treason against our democratic republic, not to mention being a rapist pedophile neo-Nazi.

The GOP is Jonestown, and diabolical Donald Trump is the political equivalent of Jim Jones! In other words, purchase your party favors now, then thoroughly enjoy the ass-whooping Senate Republicans are in for on November 8, 2022. The GOP’s defeat will be celebrated by all real Americans, even if that stupid, scared little skinny scrawny boy-bitch-on-the-run Republican Senator from Missouri Josh Hawley cries his eyes out. Craven conservative coward Josh Hawley is what Trump infamously bragged about grabbing without permission and getting away with because he’s rich – a “pussy.”  (In case you haven’t heard, Josh Hawley’s new nickname is “Senator Pussy.”)

I hope you don’t feel threatened by democracy, Republicans, being as incredibly overconfident as you appear to be, because y’all are in for a big surprise in this year’s November general election! And please don’t dishonestly blame anyone other than your sorry selves this time when you lose. Traitor Trump is going to trial in 2023, then off to federal prison that failed fascist will go in 2024 when the Democrats will easily win a 2nd term in the White House over ANY Republican.

And speaking of cousins-marrying-cousins, we’ll also send that other GOP greedy old pervert Rudy Giuliani to Club Fed to keep his crazy cult leader Diaper Don company behind bars for the rest of their adult diaper wearing, worthless, washed-up lives. Have fun in the prison shower room! Don’t drop the soap!







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