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Truths Seekers

Hello All. Tomorrow (Nov.6th) is a day of infinity and a day where many will be taking credit for outcomes.

All which is appropriate, if truth is what they take credit for. As a dye in the wool civil rights warriors of over 30-years, I have been blessed to live long enough to take the hits of the struggle and still stand. I take this opportunity to make a statement in advance of knowing the results of tomorrow on faith that God encouraged me to have in Him, not man. Many of you have the privilege of knowing and working with me over the years, thus in a position better than me for assessment. I am on record giving the Lord first and Thomas Henry “TH” Poole, Sr. for all that I am in the struggle movement. The principle and value that both in the above order of my listing them was courage and truth.

If it’s God will that Andrew Gillum makes history tomorrow, many will not mention that he was one of four (4) Democratic candidates in the Primary Election. Until the results of the election, the polls had him dead last in the Democratic race. Now is the truth telling opportunity. I am proffering the traditional Democratic Party public ally was on record that “we don’t get involve in primaries”, yet at the same time had given firm signals to local DEC that Gwen Graham was the candidate of choice. I know from my local DEC that was the case. I am president of the local Liberation Ocala African American Council, Inc., a local non-profit advocacy organization which for over 20-years has educated Black voters on candidates and ballot issues for their best interests and needs. While most of our members are registered Democrats, we are not dictated to be any entity in our decision-making, thus at times allowing the council to speak truth to power regardless of party affiliation or otherwise.

I want to share with you for the purpose of truth and growth, for the future challenges we have re decision-making that requires courage and principle in face of pressure of going-along-to-get-along. Please view the attachment above which the Liberation Ocala African American Council, Inc., provided to thousands of AA voters in the Primary where we recommended publicly Andrew Gillum (see attachment) = Even in our coalition, some of our leaders advocated for Gwen graham. Whatever tomorrow’s results, there is a lesson for us all that was taught by Barrack Obama, Stacy Ingram and Andrew Gillum. We must be students of truth seekers. Just for interests, I would be interested to hear comments and feedback to this sharing. I am more interested in the sharing which provokes a growth experience

for me as well as others rather than putting persons down. After all, the Lord is going to have the final say. His word will never fail. If persons public ally supported Andrew Gillum in the primary, I would love to see some documented proof for our future coalition partnership opportunities.

Best wishes to all my partners in the struggle. If I haven’t personally stated to you how much each of you means to me, take this communication for multiple purposes to include as my seasonal expression to my love for you. Forgive me if I have been the friend that I should have been in communication, relationship and support. Being yet alive, I have another opportunity.

Continuing the struggle,
Whitfield Jenkins, President
Liberation Ocala African American Council, Inc.

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