“Voters’ Power and Participation Shape The Fabric of Democracy!”

By Mrs. Maureen S. Bethel

Are you powerfully ready with exertive action-enthusiasm and power to vote in the upcoming elections which are supposed to be the most important of our lifetime?  Yes, we’re less than four months away from the biggest election since 2016, and I’m inspired about what may be possible if we make our vote count.

We must use our vote to change the path our nation, state and communities are on.  We must set the stage for a victorious finale during November.  We must utilize visionary and strategic programs and developments to capture and solidify victory after the votes are counted.

Political involvement and awareness are major forces that have great impact on our daily living successfully in our communities.  Therefore, let’s participate aggressively with action-readiness for the upcoming elections so that we’ll have a greater impact and opportunity to choose wisely the selection of candidates; also, to be knowledgeable of the issue-oriented, social action concerns that are facing our communities and nation. Such issues as legislation affecting immigration, education, school safety, health care, employment, Social Security, and child welfare have great priority for decision-making and are impacting the political processes in many ways.

We need to select the very best candidates who are vying for elected and appointed offices.  We need to select candidates who are knowledgeable and strong supporters of these over-whelming priorities.  Also, we need to choose candidates who are highly active and visible in civic responsibility, public policy-making and an advocacy in social action areas.  Finally, we should choose candidates who are ardent supporters of programs and projects for the welfare of all citizens.

Therefore, let’s use our vote to participate aggressively with action-ready responsibilities so that we’ll have a greater impact.  There’s still time to attend the Candidates Meet and Greet Forums to learn more about their political platforms and specific plans for successful endeavors in our communities.

Remember, your VOTE is a God-given gift for you to use wisely and profitably.  Therefore, make it count victoriously!


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