Voting is suppose to make us whole and equal

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Then Peter said, “Silver and gold I do not have, but what I do have I give you: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up and walk.”  — Acts 3:6 (NKJV)

 By Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

      Consequently, here we are again America with obvious conditions that reaffirm White America is not willing to share its prosperity with the OTHER Americans.

I’m not saying that all of White America is selfish, but when people allow others to continue the immoral acts of the past, they are just as guilty.

I don’t mean to be vague; however, you can equate America’s systemic racism to the past, presence, and if we don’t stop it, it will continue in the future.

What is so wrong about protecting people as we desperately try to move towards the acceptance of our diverse cultures? In America it appears that the only people that are willing to make people feel comfortable are Black people. I guess we have been conditioned-umm.

History has a tendency to repeat itself. If problems go unchecked they only get worse.

Right now America needs a voice of reason, a voice that will speak “Truth to Power”. America needs a unified voice of acceptance and inclusion at the Table of Consciousness. A voice that will hold those accountable for what is erroneous.

Now, as it was in the past, when America was wronged because of the state of those bound in servitude, in deplorable conditions, hard work and subjection to inhumane treatment, America needs the abolitionist spirit

Can crippled Americans be made whole?

As I continue to think about the coming elections, I’m reminded of Dr. Mack King Carter’s sermons from the Book of Acts 3:1-10. That story in the Book of Acts is about a crippled man from birth, who was placed by others at the gate of the temple called Beautiful, to beg.

The process of voting kept reverberating in my head, creating the hologram of people begging others for the right to enter into the “Good Life”.

This good life meant that the beggars would be entitled to the rights, welfare and civil liberties extended to those considered privileged. You know a nice home, a good job, great schools and neighborhoods free from crime, etc…etc…etc…

So like the beggar who sat at the gate, we come to the voting sites begging to get a piece of this good life by casting our votes. And, also like the beggar, we couldn’t come on our own. We had to be brought and placed there by others who may have ulterior motives.

Unlike the beggars we are supposed to be different, in that we shouldn’t have to take everything they(politrickians) offer to us.

Yes, taking advantage of cripples seems to have been around for a long time. Taking something, maybe a part of the alms that the beggar got that day or the satisfaction of knowing that the beggar could be looked down upon and could not maneuver unless some assisted him, thereby making him dependent upon others for his welfare.

Crippled Americans  getting ready to crawl at the voting polls begging for alms.

What is a crippled American you might ask? My answer to you would be one who has been deprived and disenfranchised and yet they are required to perform at or above the standards of the norm.

The scripture says that the man was carried and was placed at the gate. We don’t know if the crippled man wanted to go beg or not. Maybe he wanted to be self- sufficient. But if those that carried him were politrickians, he was under their manipulation and would be crippled for life.

Something strange happened when the beggar met the disciples Peter and John, who were going into the temple to pray.

These two politicians were on the right side. They were willing to make the crippled man whole (equal), allowing him to be able to partake in the good life at his own leisure and with no hooks attached.

And he leaping up stood, walked and entered with them into the temple, walking and leaping, and praising God. Acts 3:8

Politics do not mean that disenfranchised and poverty-ridden societies have to exist and people who do not vote for you should be driven by the necessity of survival on its own, barely alive, living in squalor.

We can better our society when we better ourselves. We become much better when we began to look after those who are crippled by not looking down on them but giving them a hand to pull themselves up on .

Can crippled Americans be made whole? “Yes we can”! We are not sitting at the gate begging; we are standing in the poll booths making a difference by voting. We do understand that “A voteless people is a hopeless people.”

It’s not early to prepare for voting!

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