VOTING MACHINES: Election’s Little Black Box

Technically Speaking

By Perry Busby

      Three months into a pandemic crisis that has infected over 1.5 million, killed more than 105,000, and decimated the economy, America finds itself face-to-face with an old familiar wound that just won’t go away. Only this time, the wound is hemorrhaging, and we have a morally bankrupt narcissist in charge who does not give a damn about healing, restoring or uniting nation.

In Trumpworld, accomplishing such a task is a sign of weakness. Real men aren’t compassionate compromising wussies; they yield power and grab pussies. No, Mr. One Trick Pony is more interested in seeing if he can win a second term by doing what he does best: disgust, divide and distract.

With the November 3rd general election less than 150 days away, it seems the hydroxychloroquine pill popper has made a calculated decision to capitalize on the moment by igniting his base with his usual nonsensical ballsy white guy rhetoric. Considering Trump’s predictable nature and genius for media optics, you can best believe a red state rally is coming soon to counter the narrative regarding the large protest gatherings and his declining poll numbers.

In fact, you can count on seeing even more bizarre and repulsive stunts between now and November. Media funded political pundits, for their part, will pontificate for hours about the differences between 2016 and now. If you listen carefully, you will hear the cracks of uncertainty and doubt in their voice. That’s because they remember how Trump made a fool out of their numbers the last time. The stakes are even higher this time and this administration has a bigger arsenal at its disposal.

Make no mistake, there are stark differences in the political landscape this time around. However, with all that has changed, little, if any, has changed with the technology that undergirds our election. A technology that is so vulnerable, a middle-school student once infiltrated it in under thirty minutes. It is also the same technology that US intelligence and security agencies say Russia targeted in a 2016 cyberattack. It should also be noted, while intelligence and security agencies reported they saw no signs of results being manipulated or altered, no comprehensive audit has been performed in any state or county, so no one can say for certain.

Locally, a group of volunteers from the Broward Citizens Audit Initiative, collected results from random precincts, after polls closed in the March presidential primary election. Of the sixty-five precincts reviewed, the audit team found discrepancies with eleven. The group shared their findings with the Supervisor of Election’s office, and after subsequent meetings and further investigation, we were able to resolve many of these issues.

The Broward Citizens Audit is currently looking for volunteers so the group can audit another 200 precincts in August, and all 577 precincts in November.

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