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How Can You Lead If You Don’t Know Who’s Following?

 I have never run for political office, but I’ve been intimately involved with enough campaigns over the years to know how chaotic and mind-numbing of an experience it can be. I have no doubt those experiences pale in comparison to what candidates and staffers must be going through currently, as Florida prepares to conduct two critical elections within ninety days. […]


Election Data Sits in a Database: County Election Office Is Denied Access

 The Supervisor of Election, as defined by Florida statutes, is the custodian of all election documents and records, from voter registration to candidate filings and election results. So, you can imagine my surprise when a senior election office official acknowledged that while they maintain custody of the Microsoft SQL Server database where all votes are recorded, no one in the office can log into the database or query its data. […]

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Will COVID-19 Transform US Elections?

Just when we thought we had seen everything in this 2020 election cycle—from a crowded Democrat field with twenty-six candidates, to the impeachment of the current president, and the miraculous resurrection of Joe Biden’s campaign from an all but certain political grave—COVID-19 enters the race, causing party leaders to come up with new ways to engage voters and build enthusiasm, while leaving voters in the dark wondering how they can fulfill their civic obligation without putting themselves and others at risk. […]