We need warriors who will sacrifice

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By Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

Understand that everyone has the right to run for office, if they qualify, based upon the standards of that office. However, people of color have always been held to a double standards when in search of office here in this country.

It is a battle from start to finish and in some cases the battle is within oneself.

Who are the true warriors?

When most of us think of the characteristics of a warrior, we think of his/her abilities to fight, to endure and to be courageous.  But, that’s only part of what is required and not the most vital of what is needed.

What characterizes the most significant attributes of the true warrior is their willingness to sacrifice and the hardest thing to sacrifice is one’s pride.

Sacrificing is going to be called for in the upcoming races in Broward County that have a number of Black people running for the same office, and I ‘m including Black people of the African Diaspora.

And people, PLEASE don’t kid yourselves – you are Black.

We have seen time after time where crowded races have not been of significant benefit to Black people. History has shown us that when this occurs usually there is a bad seed planted to split the votes and the other person gets in.

The Westside Gazette has spoken before on historic races for the Black community. Not only are they monumental for history they are significant for the position of creating level grounds to live, work and play in for Black people.

Yes, the Sheriff’s race will have four Black men plus a Hispanic and let’s not forget about Public Defender, Supervisor of Election, and the one no one is openly talking about. However, they are whispering in close circles about….(we will talk more on that later).

If we as a people are going to win races and we should, there is going to have to be some sacrifices made on the part of Black candidates.  Otherwise our vote will be weakened and ineffective due to our votes being so fragmented.

That disaster does not have to happen.

We do not vote on candidates just because these people are Black, but because they are accomplished professional with whom we have relationships, and we need our own in office.

But that will not happen if our own refuse to be warriors, deciding to put their dreams ahead of the community’s realities.  They need to sit down and parley. Immediately!

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