Weekly Community Newspapers

Weekly Community Newspapers

One of the first things I do each day: I walk over to the print facility to get samples of the day’s commercial newspapers. To let you know about myself, I am a second-generation printer with ink in my veins. I’ve worked for a hyper daily local newspaper for 25 years and the last 10 in our commercial print division. The best part of my job is working directly with family owned newspapers.

You would be very surprised how many community newspapers we do print. We print Black, Spanish, French, Creole, Russian, Jewish, schools, colleges, Turks and even a Chinese paper that is up-side down and starts at the back to the front. Our trucks and pressroom run continuously to get these publications on time to the readers in addition to our daily newspaper.

As I sorted through the stack of papers, I pulled out 6 of our Black community papers that we print. I was thinking about how great it was there are deep focuses on the local news and what concerns those neighborhoods are having. It pleases me to know how we are in some small way a part of the bigger picture. It takes a village of newspapers to raise a community.

Scott Toner

Technical Relations Manager

Sun Coast Press

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