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West Hollywood Pioneer, Ruby Cox Ferguson , turns 90 years old

Ruby-Ferguson-pic2017THIS-OWest Hollywood Pioneer, Ruby Cox Ferguson , turns 90  years old

When devotion to family conquers all!

Like many families raising children in the 1950s, Ruby C. Ferguson and her late husband, Obadiah, started raising their family of nine children in West Hollywood, Florida.

Ruby and Obadiah moved to Carver Ranches, now known as West Park, in 1950.  By 1954, they built their own home where they raised their family of 11 and a home where Ruby still resides today, 64 years later.

Ruby and her husband quickly became pioneers that helped to build a village for families, neighbors, Central Missionary Baptist Church, and political activists within the community.  An inspiration to many Ruby has continuously mentored many young mothers and their children with wisdom and with loving words of encouragement.

Without the advantage of completing a formal education herself, Ruby was the anchor in her family raising her nine children who were all educated in the Broward County Public School system.  With faith in God, devotion and love, Ruby along with Obadiah were hard-working and insightful parents who somehow managed to provide the foundation and encouragement to provide all nine children with college degrees—most with advanced degrees.  They survived the rough years of segregation, integration, and volatile years that plagued her community throughout the years. The fact that all nine children received college educations became productive citizens and professionals is an indication of

the fruits of her labor and a testament to her strength and vision for raising her family.

The blessings of God and the gift of education live on in her 17 grandchildren. Ruby has devoted decades to her family, community, and church.

Her children and grand-children

“To God Be the Glory for He has done great things”

Ruby is equally proud of all of her children and grand-children with whatever they have accomplished.  Each pursued a career of their choice and each was successful in their own right.  But Ruby’s influence goes beyond her nine children, 17 grandchildren and seven-great grand-children.  God has blessed the Ferguson family so that Ruby and her family can be a blessing to others. Service-centered careers allow them to touch the lives of thousands of children, educators, patients, clients, and community-based organizations every day.

     While Ruby is consider trailblazer in her Washington Park community, the Ferguson family stands on the shoulders of many other role models who crossed their path.  They are indebted to and give credit to quality teachers like Mrs. Dorothy Howard, McArthur High School guidance counselor, who encouraged the Ferguson children to believe that a college education was the key to a better future for them and for generations to come. Mrs. Howard was instrumental in helping to acquire college scholarships for many of the Ferguson children from local com-munity organizations like Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. Scholarships provided them with some of the resources needed to pursue their dreams.

Ruby contributes her long blessed life first to the grace of God and second for the family she has been blessed with. A 90th birthday Praise and Worship Service in her honor on, Wednesday, Aug. 16, 2017 at 6 p.m., open to the public, will be held at Central Missionary Baptist Church, Rev. Kenneth Pace, is  Senior Pastor, 5001 S.W. 20 West Park, Fla. 33023.


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