What about the kids?

By Don Valentine and Nicole Nutting

He said: This is repulsive. Immigration and Customs Enforcement have gone past separating kids from their parents. Under the Trump administration, he has maneuvered to have kids under 12-years old have no knowledge of how to find their families. This was reported in a recent New York Times article. How does this make you feel? Did the kids have any choice about breaking the border law?

She said: Don, that photo is a heart-breaking reminder that the main objective of Trump’s administration is to make America WHITE again. Apparently ripping children from their families is supposed to be a deterrence to immigration, although I doubt the people seeking sanctuary here got the memo.

Have you noticed that the GOP is incapable of governing or policy-making? Although it is customary for each political party to present a policy platform at their national pre-election convention, the Republicans didn’t present one this year. In lieu of a platform, they just pledged allegiance to the Dictator-in-Chief. Their idea of governance is to destroy existing legislation, and their only policy is to become kings. In the process, they hope to funnel most of America’s wealth into their own pockets.

The whole thing is unconscionable and some days I just want to curl up, comatose, in the fetal position.

He said: Nicole, we have the power to help these kids, go VOTE! In the words of the Black activist Eldridge Cleaver “You’re either part of the solution or part of the PROBLEM!”

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