What are some things that we can do to get ahead?

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Whatever you do, work at it wholeheartedly as though you were doing if for the Lord and not merely for people. Colossians 3:23 ISV

 Bobby R. Henry, Sr.

It goes without saying that we should support one another in all aspects of the definitions of support. It means to provide assistance, encouragement, and help to each other. It involves being there for someone in times of need, offering spiritual, emotional or practical support, and working together to achieve common goals. READ BLACK NEWSPAPERS and HISTORY BOOKS! Encourage education and skill development, participate in community activism, interact with others to build connections, foster mentorship use  professional guidance, and advocate for policies that address systemic inequalities.

  1. **Education and Skill Development:** We as Black people honor education; let’s encourage others to prioritize education by seeking out scholarships, grants, and educational programs designed to uplift underrepresented communities. Pursue higher education and occupational training can develop skills and open the door for more career prospects to owning your own businesses.


  1. **Community Activism:** Join community initiatives, activism, and advocacy can raise awareness about issues affecting your family/communities and become a force for positive change. Joining local organizations, participating in rallies, and supporting causes can make a significant impact.


  1. **Meet people and make connections:** Building a strong professional group can open doors to opportunities. Attending conferences, workshops, and trade events can help connect with mentors, potential employers, and allies who can offer guidance and support.



  1. **Mentorship and Professional Guidance:** Find someone to mentor in your field  and in the areas where you see change is needed. Encourage them to run for political office. You can help to create the change makers we need.


  1. **Policy Advocacy:** Get engage with grassroots efforts and speak out for policies that address universal disparities is crucial. Connecting with elected officials, supporting organizations committed to fair distribution of resources, opportunities, and privileges in society, and educate on voting and how it influences to having policies put into place for advancing equality and justice.


It’s important to remember that we all are different, learn at different speeds and levels but we all have the basic needs to be fulfilled, and the key is how do we help each other in getting those needs met.

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