What Bae rally wants this cuffing season

Broderick and Arri Henry

On The Scene With Crystal Chanel

As we approach holiday season aka cuffing season, we must discuss what bae really wants. Without a doubt, women can be complex and maybe even confusing, but we are necessary. Hence, as I reflect on my personal idiosyncrasies, it is evident that a navigational system could prove useful. Starting with the numbers, according to cenus.gov, there are 110.6 single people nationwide. Percentage wise, unmarried people in America age 18 and older make up 45.2 percent of all U.S. residents. Of that number, over 60% have never been married. And last, for every 100 single women, there are 88 single men. This means, I am definitely speaking to somebody, so let’s begin.

Broderick and Arri Henry

It is often quoted that when a man finds a wife, he finds a good thing, but I think our complexities often make us hidden in plain sight. Case in point, today’s woman works, runs a business part-time, is possibly a mom and a stepmom, she cares for an elderly relative, attends networking and empowerment events and is required to show strength and mental fortitude in all areas of her life and the lives of others. She is every-where and everything to most people, except vulnerable. Yet, behind closed doors, wig, make-up and stilettos off, she is ready to submit. She wants to be desired, but she is waiting on you to make the first move. Truth be told, she can handle the rest.

Pastor John Gay says it this way, “She can do what I can’t do on my own. What I give her in concentrated form, she can multiply. The power of a woman is the power of multiplication.” (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cFpHCBubf_E). We are goddess ladies. We turn groceries into dinner. We turn houses in homes, and we transform his dreams into blueprints. We are his helpmate by design.

Now that I have sold you on Bae, here is a small list of what she (we) would like this season. Fellas be bold but not over-bearing. This means at the next networking event, football game or even Bible study session you attend, make the first move. Go beyond eye contact and have a conversation that says I am interested in knowing more about you. Get her a genuine compliment, save her a seat, walk her to her car and ask for her number not her Instagram.

We want to know you are interested. Be persistent but not typical. While the “good morning beautiful” text is thoughtful, it’s overused without clear intent. Try “Good morning beautiful, what time can we meet for dinner later? I would like to make reservations.” If you are into classics, consider a classic that never gets old, show up with flowers and chocolates in-stead of sending emoji hearts and flowers. Bae wants to truly be appreciated by you. If you picked a Proverbs 31 woman, she is of noble character, worth far more than rubies, and her work is worthy of praise. She is considerate, blessed and God-fearing. Between work, the bros, and your mom, make time to show her that she interests you. Put thought in the moments you create with her. Here are a few ideas: Painting with a twist, private dinner, salsa lessons, matinee movie dates, pedicures, matching outfits, breakfast on the beach, park picnics, double dates for dessert and so much more.

Painting with a Twist

And when you show up, be funny not goofy. Communicate but don’t over talk. Compliment her but avoid excessive flattery. Above all, express your happiness with a smile. There is nothing more attractive that a happy man. Ladies, please share this edition of On the Scene, with every single man you know. He will thank you later. However, I must admit this list could change from woman to woman, and other items could be added without warning. In closing, I suggest that you stay turned into Bae and Bae alone, to find out what she really wants this cuffing season.

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