What is the Mental Health Community Saying About the Rise in Mass Shootings?

Dr. Thelma Tennie, Johnniya Hamilton

“Just about every mass shooting that we’ve been hearing about, there’s a statement from police that mental health played a factor. Often the shooter is barely an adult.  What is the Mental Health Community saying about the rise in Mass Shootings? What can we do about it?”

There is a clear push across the Mental Health Community to end the stigma behind getting mental health services. The rise in mass shootings is just one apparent reason why, but the breakdowns are VISIBLE far beyond that point and are happening all around us. Dr. Thelma Tennie and Johnniya Hamilton of the Healing Arts Institute of South Florida, offering their expertise in what the mental health community expected would be inevitable following the pandemic. What’s appealing about the Healing Arts Institute, is it offers NO COST mental health services to children and their families, eliminating cost as a reason to avoid getting help.

Dr. Thelma Tennie says, “The world is just starting to teach children that it is okay to be different. This is why we see so many problems with teenagers because most are taught that it is NOT okay to be different and think outside the box or simply for themselves! They are taught that everyone needs to conform and stay the same, when they don’t, that’s when bullying, separation, and isolation begin. Fear of what we don’t understand leads to dislike, dislike turns to hate, hate turns to violence.” 

Dr. Thelma Tennie and Johnniya Hamilton can speak on:

How fear manifests into hate, and the symptoms?

How Adults are dealing with their own mental health struggles (but are in denial about it) and don’t have time or energy to recognize what’s going on with their kid?

Quiet quitting your families. Breaking promises, regularly without remorse or concern. Lack of compassion in things you greatly had compassion. Not volunteering, attending activities, avoiding intimacy or relationships of any kind, instead of living life, living life through others on television. Binge watching etc.

How wearing masks created a barrier for many youngsters at a critical time of learning to communicate or be attractive or attract others to them – the hang ups as a result and the insecurities?

Other adults became comfortable not communicating, but now must do it again.

Stress of companies asking employees to return to work.

What satisfaction does a gunmen get out of shooting others – often themselves – what false narrative have they worked up in their head?

*As we all know, misery loves company. When you are not taught empathy for others, and you are suffering, the human goes to is – to cause as much suffering as you can so you are not alone.

*It can also be a desperate cry-out for attention, after not being heard.

*It can also be, “I’ll bet they’ll listen now statement?” If they felt rejected or people told them they were weak

*It can also be to show they are strong and take back perceived power lost

How can Mental Health Therapy help in the instances mentioned above? 

Dr. Tennie says, “Healing Arts’ resources are best spent on building up, empathetic, compassionate, well rounded socially and emotionally aware and strong children.”   She quotes,

Frederick Douglass, “It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.

Healing Arts is also a resource for the Broward Sheriff’s office.  When people are struggling with mental health issues, primarily youth 22 and younger, Healing Arts is one of the agencies they recommend.  They not only serve South Florida, but the entire State of Florida.

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