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“What to say for the Holidays”                               

Don Valentine and Nicole Nutting

He Said – She Said

By Don Valentine And Nicole Nutting

      He Said:  Nicole, every year I get so frustrated by the refusal of people to acknowledge Christmas.  Probably some 80% of the country recognizes the 25th of December as the birth of Christ. Yet, people treat the phrase “Merry Christmas” almost as curse words.

She Said: Whoa Don, don’t get your knickers in a twist—nobody is refusing to acknowledge Christmas! That was all a fabricated conflict, the Conservatives yanking everyone’s chain in backlash to “politically correct” Liberals. The spirit of this season should behoove us to revel in the strength of our diversity, and to extend the olive branch to practitioners of ALL faiths. Political correctness is just another name for courtesy and good manners.

He Said:  Nicole, your premise has merit.  I am going to advocate for the inclination of the spirit/theme of the season—love and good will to all. Say what is in your heart, “Merry Christ-mas”, “Happy Hanukkah”, whatever is meaningful to you. This is the time of the year for kindness, not conflict. Just extend love to another human being. Nicole, wouldn’t you have to say this is a theme shared by all?? Merry Christmas to you Nicole and all of our readers!

She Said: Don, even a confirmed agnostic such as myself can feel the pull! Or maybe that was the eggnog…

Seriously, this IS the season of light, shining on all of us. The bigger challenge is to carry the spirit of this season throughout the whole year, and come together for the well-being of all. Happy holidays, everyone…and please pass the platter of Love around the entire table!


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