“Who is Willie Jones?”

Willie Jones

 By Todd Williams      

It goes without saying that we are living in a moment where extraordinary leadership is needed in every arena of society.  In education where innovative thinking is required if our children are going to be taught how to maneuver in this new world.  In politics where corruption, lies, and racial identity mottos have become the norm.  In churches where many in leadership have fallen and have refused to get up.

And in our communities where we need those who understand leading means sacrifice as a way of life.  Willie Jones is someone who understands all of these things.

He has been active in the community all of his adult life, he has been honorable in his marriage, he has been faithful to his church membership and uncorrupted in his chosen profession.  Willie Jones is a man with both insight and vision.  He has always refused to accept any limits on his ability to accomplish or the ability of those in our community to do the same.

Willie Jones is one of those men who know in order for us to progress as we need to, we have to prepare for the right now and for the future.  He understands that while all of us may not share the same vision, it does not mean we all will not be in that future at the same time.  But more importantly he does not believe that because we have differences, those differences should keep us from working together.

Willie Jones knows that the evolving of community issues can be planed or spontaneous the moment determines.  But that however they evolve, those issues have to be met not avoided.  He knows preparation does not always mean having a ready plan but a readiness to plan.

Willie Jones like any leader any serious leader cares more about his community than about anything except his God and his family.  We need now more than ever, more leaders like him.

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