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Woman loses arms and legs due to bathroom sealant rear end injections

Apryl Michelle Brown

Apryl Michelle Brown

Woman loses arms and legs due to bathroom sealant rear end injections

From Your Black World

A mother who wanted to improve the look of her posterior lost all of her limbs and almost lost her life due to her buttock injections, which turned out to be a toxic bathroom sealant, according to an interview with The Sun.

Apryl Michelle Brown, 46, says vanity drove her to seek out the illegal treatments and now she’s warning women against doing what she did.

“I’ve paid a terrible price for vanity and I’ll pay for the rest of my life. But I blame no one but myself,” said Brown.

“I want to share my story to warn others about these so-called ‘quick fix’ surgeries.”

She says she had no idea what she was getting into prior to the injections.

“I didn’t realize the dangers. I thought it was a harmless injection that would give me the perfect bottom. But the reality was the silicone used wasn’t suitable for humans. It was, in fact, bathroom sealant only suitable for do it yourself.”

After the injections, Brown’s health immediately took a turn for the worse.

“My body had a massive allergic reaction to it which left me at the brink of death.”

“I was in so much agony that, by that point, dying would have been a release. The only way doctors could save my life was to amputate my buttocks, my hands and feet.”

She said she had been teased about her “pancake” bottom since she was a kid and just wanted a bigger one.

“I didn’t even know how you could do it. I just wanted a new, bigger bottom.”

So she went to a pumping party where she says the woman showed her the bottom of a friend who’d had the injection.

“I remember thinking it was a miracle she’d walked into my life. Her friend showed me the work she’d had done and it looked great.”

Brown admitted that she hadn’t done any research and later returned for additional infections. That’s when her bottom began to harden and she was forced to seek medical treatment.

After years of suffering, Brown finally had her limbs removed to save her life. Now she’s warning women against the dangers of such treatments.


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