Zoos Flourish and Cities Become Jungles

John Johnson II

By John Johnson

      It’s a sad commentary that Zoos in America are managed far better than many of our cities. Zoos are regulated by local and State governments. Thus, they’re required to ensure that the animals are well fed, healthy, and able to live in habitats free of hazards. Simply put, these animals, as they should, are valued. Also, the laws of the jungle are no longer applicable.

Cities, likewise, are governed by local, state, and the Federal government. But far too often cities like Chicago and Baltimore have experienced serious social problems. Consequently, laws must be enforced in order to protect its people. Lawlessness must never become the norm. This situation shouldn’t exist in any city. Also, no zoo should ever be safer for its animals than cities are for people.

The Mayor of Michigan, Dayne Walling, to save money, diverted water, which became contaminated with lead, to the poorer citizens living in Flint. This health hazard has been corrected. However, it’s reported that many people remain skeptical about drinking it.

The municipal government of St. Louis perpetuated an illegal system of padding its coffers. Police officers routinely issued Blacks unwarranted citations, which carried compounding penalties.

Cities like Chicago and Washington, D.C. could literally be labeled war zones. It was reported in the Chicago Tribune that during a recent six-year period, there were 435 shootings by police officers in Chicago. Of this total, 92 people were killed and 170 wounded. The Washington Post reported that homicides in D.C. nearly reached 200 in 2020. These figures don’t pertain solely to Black males and females.

Gang bangers, who reportedly account for many murders, probably wouldn’t receive plea bargains if they killed zoo animals. Police officers would more than likely be prosecuted if they allegedly accidentally shot a caged lion sixteen times.

Unfortunately, in New York City, a white officer, who strangled Eric Garner, a Black man, to death using a choke hold while attempting to make an arrest, wasn’t charged. Eric’s violation was only selling loose cigarettes. It remains painful to recall Eric’s tragic murder.

Why animals in zoos don’t risk being killed when their cages are cleaned? Breonna Taylor was killed in Louisville, Kentucky, while asleep and it wasn’t a nightmare. She, literally, can you imagine, awakened spiritually, but was physically dead. George Floyd cried out in pain for his beloved mother, only to have his life’s breath slowly choked from his lungs for eight minutes!

The defense attorneys allege that George Floyd died because of illegal drugs in his system. If that were the case every person who suffered with diabetes, ingested prescription or illegal drugs could be charged with his or her own death. Seemingly, this is the position defense attorneys take regardless of if the victim was shot or choke to death by police officers.

Life for Blacks isn’t a blissful journey, but rather a living nightmare. Only in America can a Black person get stopped for jaywalking and end-up dead. Who shoots a young Black boy playfully wielding a toy gun in a park? Why would a Black woman end up in jail for changing lanes without using her turn signal and allegedly hangs herself?

But in America, a former president can incite an insurrection and gloat about it from the Oval Office. Some Republican Senators can openly lie about the presidential election being fraudulent. Yet escape being censored. Why?

Again, George Floyd is dead, and the prosecution is alleging he’s responsible for his own death. If Derek Chauvin isn’t found guilty, it’s because George Floyd’s life didn’t matter.

But in America, zoos flourish and cities become like jungles for Black, Brown, Indigenous, and Asian people because of an unfair criminal justice system.


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